Love it or Leave it| Sofa at the Foot of the Bed

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The bench at the foot of the bed – it’s a staple in bedroom design, particularly in master bedrooms. It’s the perfect spot to put on your shoes, decorative bedcovers can be folded down onto the bench, it helps to fill the space in larger rooms. I’ve even been known to add a bench in rooms designed by Beautiful Habitat.

Custom Bedding Design by Tennille Wood, Denver CO

via Beautiful Habitat

Lately I’m seeing the bench replaced by sofas, settees and chairs – furniture pieces with backs.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

via Knight Carr

And then I started to see sofas morph into full seating areas such a this room below.

Luxury Interior Design Colorado

via Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

What do you think of this trend? Love it – it’s an out of the box use of the space; it creates more function; it uses the space better? Or leave it – it closes off the room too much; it distracts from the bed; I’m not holding board meetings in my bedroom? What are your thoughts of sofas (or other furniture with backs) and seating areas at the foot of the bed?

Interior Decoratorin  Denver

via House and Home

Interior Designer Boulder, CO

via Furbish Studio

Bedroom seating area

via Design Shuffle

Bold Interior Design Denver, CO

via Pinterest

Interior Decorator Colorado

via Design OCD

Interior Designer Tips

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Custom Interior Design In Colorado

via Atlanta Homes

Small Space Design Tips

via House Beautiful

Seven Myths of Home Decor: Busted

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I recently came across this info-graphic, busting seven myths of home decor. It’s a fun way to explore these myths. I agree with the breaking of each of these rules. In particular, I’m a big fan of busting Myth 7 (adding color to your ceiling). Or find tips on busting Myth 1 (mixing patterns)

Yorkshire Linen was kind enough to grant me permission to repost this infographic on the Beautiful Habitat blog for a fun Friday post. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Interior Design Myths


Design Inspiration | Future of the Home Library

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I’m working on a Home Library design in a beautiful, traditional home in Denver. Few homes have these beautiful, inviting, bonus rooms, and I fear that even fewer will in the future. Libraries, public and private, really are a treasure. I was recently in New York and had a chance to admire the public library building. How could I be anything but inspired by this beautiful architecture and detail? The woodwork, the windows, the chandeliers… all adding elegance to a highly functional space.

Interior Design Inspiration from World Travels

What is the future of our printed word? E-books have outsold printed books since 2010 and the margin grows each year. Will our printed books really go away? I think not. Most people still prefer the touch and experience of reading a real book.

What is the future of our libraries, public and private? Whether your library is a proper separate room, or a bookshelf in your office, bedroom, or living room, most homes do have a library. Those shelves tell a brief story of who we are, our hobbies or interests. In some cases our books are artwork, or nostalgia. What is the future of these cozy spaces once designed to house our reading treasures?

Design Inspiration

What do you envision when you hear the term “library”? I envision warm enveloping chairs and a cozy environment. The kind of place you really want to curl up and read. Good lighting is essential. Some might prefer a table or work area. And some may require a place to put your feet up.

Following are beautiful Library Spaces that are inspiring me today.

Interior Decorator Boulder CO


Inspiring Interior Design Beautiful Rooms


Elegant Interior Design Denver
Bold Interior Designer Colorado
Interior Designer Boulder
Libraries are so often traditional in design, decor and feel. The space below is a fabulous library of bold and modern design.
Modern Interior Designer Colorado
Do you have a library or reading nook in your home? What are the essential elements to you? Share with us here, or on Facebook.
For even more library inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest: Beautiful Habitats – Library & Workspace, or my Libraries Ideabook on Houzz.

Mixing Brown & Black, Beige & Gray in Design & Decor

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Over the last two years the neutrals of choice have shifted from the brown and beige spectrum to the grays and blacks. Gray tones are hot right now in both interior design and in fashion. If you will be renovating soon, it’s a great time to incorporate more grays and blacks into you home. But what if you completed a remodel or new decorating scheme just a few years ago? Are you worried that your brown-based interiors will look dated? I know that a few of my clients felt that worry, so I imagine you do too. I’ve worked with them on stunning solutions and I want to share those with you.

The good news is that we are talking about neutrals and no neutral is ever “out of style”. Neutrals are classic, timeless and always a good bet for major pieces in your home. They make a great base on which to add color and have longevity. However, if you find yourself working with a very brown and beige base, I have some tips to help you incorporate grays and blacks and blend it all together for a timeless, balanced and livable interior.

This room is a fabulous blend of tan and gray, with touches of black and blue. Perhaps you find yourself with a tan sofa. Paint an accent wall behind it in a striking charcoal gray to really make the sofa contrast against the wall and give the room an update. While this room is primarily neutral, because it is pulling from both the brown spectrum and black spectrum, it is a more dynamic neutral palette. The bold pillow fabrics add a little something extra.


Here we see the same concept: gray walls behind a tan sofa, with a tan jute rug. However, this room also incorporates lovely fabrics that blend the grays and tans. These fabrics, in the drapery and pillows, bring the room and colors together elegantly and seemlessly.

 Contemporary Living Room by Phoenix General Contractors Meritage Homes

If an accent wall or gray walls won’t work in your home, there are still plenty of opportunities to add gray to your beige sofa. One easy tip – add gray accents. In the room below we see gray throw pillows, throw and dining chairs. To punch it up a notch, orange pillows add a little spice. This particular view doesn’t show art or window treatments, but that would be another opportunity to add both the gray and orange for a complete, balanced design scheme.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Winder Gibson Architects

 The interior designer of this room has taken a more combined approach. The furniture pieces are a combination of both grays and beiges. It works so well because the furniture fabrics are in the same tone – not mixing light and dark colors, but an even balance through all pieces. The green accents help to pull the various pieces together in harmony. The warm gray walls and  area rug serve as appropriate backdrops, complimenting the combination.


I actually did several of these tips in my home that we moved from about 4 months ago. I have, admittedly, always favored the black and gray side of them spectrum. However, when we bought that home in 2007 (built in 2005), browns were the hot ticket and the home came with primarily browns, and beiges. Using the base of beige carpet and sandy-hued walls, as well as travertine tiles around the fireplace, I added contrasting gray paint to the mantel. I mixed in a sofa with 2 tones of gray in the fabric and black and gray valances. Now that I had established a neutral base, bright colors were added to compliment the artwork – a colorful cow on a (you guessed it) gray base.

 Interior Designer Broomfield, CO

Beautiful Habitat Interior Design

 Finally, incorporating both browns/beiges and blacks/grays can be done in the more permanently designed areas of you home, not just furniture and decoration. This bathroom design features a soothing balance of gray and tan. It’s earthy and spa-like. It works so well because there are multiple uses of each color. We see gray in the floor tiles and again on the painted walls. Tan was used on the wall tiles, countertop and again on the woven roman shades. The repetition of colors creates a harmony and balance in the space.

 Contemporary Bathroom by Menlo Park Interior Designers & Decorators Sullivan Design Studio

Edited July 30, 2014:

Below is a kitchen remodel completed by Beautiful Habitat in which we mixed browns and blacks for a timeless interior design. The rest of the house is in browns and tans. We purposefully added black to this kitchen update to blend with the house, yet pull in the black. The granite is a beautiful black and brown combination. We mixed black glass tiles and travertine in a custom backsplash design, made more interesting in the vertical installation.

Brown and Black Transitional Kitchen


How have you mixed browns and blacks in your interior?

Bring Two Decorating Styles Together | Guest Post

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Compromise can be hard, especially when it comes to clashing styles of home décor. I have a very vintage and bold style and would prefer to have my house look like it could be in an episode of Mad Men.  Meanwhile my fiancé has more of a modern and simplistic style in mind. We are in the process of putting together our home which at first seemed impossible, but we learned a few things about making the two styles mesh.

Let each other win with the small things.

Make each room decidedly vintage or modern, but with splashes of its opposite thrown in. If your living room has vintage furniture and bolder colors on the walls, hang metal frames for a touch of modern art on the walls. This will make for a smooth transition from room to room as you negotiate each major theme per room.

Incorporate candles simplistically to add warmth

Candles easily add class to any interior design project. They can bring a lot of warmth to what I see as the cold modern style that my husband likes.  Our dining room is more of the modern style, so we put a cluster of three pillar candles ( has neat green ones) as a centerpiece to add warmth.

Interior Designer Tips

If the room you are decorating is primarily vintage, get some metallic modern candle holders to mix the two styles.

Color the walls according to one style, and get appliances agreeing with the other.

If you happen to have furniture that is decorative and vintage, keep the walls neutral and modern. This is a very simple way to compromise and make both people happy. The lime green in this kitchen design brings a very vintage look to this otherwise modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Boulder

©Design Sponge

The biggest piece of advice I have is to relax and keep an open mind.  Our styles have slowly started to blend together and look more like close relatives rather than complete strangers.  When we first started combining our things into the same home, everything seemed to clash and provoke headaches. Thankfully, that is becoming less and less the case and our separate décor styles are working together in harmony.

About the author: Carmen Denny can’t believe that she’s finally engaged! In between wedding planning she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, bike riding and of course, more wedding planning. She writes while drooling over choices for wedding candle sets and other decorative pieces for

Prepare Your Dining Room for Entertaining

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The Holidays are coming, the Holidays are coming!

That’s right. It’s Dining Room season in the world of Interior Designers. It’s time to think about that new dining room design if you want to have it ready to go for your holiday dinners, parties and lots of entertaining. Whether you are in need of a full blown make-over, or just a little refresh, I’ve got some tips for you to consider for your Dining Room Design.

Interior Decorator Rooms

via Pinterest


The foundation of your dining room is the table. I prefer a pedestal table to a traditional table with four legs. The pedestal provides more flexibility when entertaining larger parties.

Interior Designer Advice

via New England Home

Don’t forget to top your table with a fabulous table setting to welcome guests and set the mood.

Interior Decorator Boulder CO



Notice, I said “upholstery”, not just “chairs”. Dining chairs should be upholstered, whether just the seat, or the whole chair. Dining chairs should be comfortable and invite guest to linger long after dinner has been served.

Modern Dining Room Decor

via House of TurquoiseProfessional Interior Decorating Denvervia Pinterest


Dining Rooms deserve fabulous lighting and it must be on a dimmer! If you’ve got a larger dining room or table, don’t do a round chandelier in the center or your host and hostess will be in the dark. Take a cue from this Red dining room below – two lights are better than one.

Colorado Best Interior Designers

via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Stunning Interior Design

via aesthetically-thinking


Do you have a large dining room? Lucky you. This is a great opportunity to beautifully display your pieces, or to set up additional surfaces for meal serving.

Peach and Blue Dining Room

via Beautiful Habitat


If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your dining room, dress it up!

Interior Decorating Tips

via Pinterest

Wall Treatments

Create a stunning focal point with dramatic wall treatments or artwork.

Bold Interior Designer Colorado

via Pinterest

Good Dining Room Design

via Houzz


Don’t forget the Ceiling

I love a ceiling with something other than white paint. (see previous posts) Your Dining Room is a great room to add pizazz on the ceiling.

Fresh Interior Design  Denver

via Marcus Design

Designing with Bed Draperies | Half Testers and Coronas

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My last post was all about bed drapery, specifically canopies with and without four poster beds. Today is all about 2 other looks – half testers and coronas, with can be achieved through hardware (an actual half tester bed or corona) or “faked” through clever drapery. Are you a bed drapery person? Which look is your favorite?

Half Testers

Half Testers have a similar relationship the the four-poster and canopy relationship in my last post. A half tester is a type of bed which has a low foot board and  a canopy that projects from the head of the bed.

Antique Furniture


These half tester beds are not common unless you’ve got some serious European antiques. However, the “look” is one often created by mounting drapery from the wall or ceiling above a standard bed as in these examples.

Interior Designer Colorado

via House Beautiful

Interior Decorator Colorado

via Meghan-Blum Blog

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

via Veranda

Interior Designer Tips

via Centsational Girl


Corona is a super beer and reminds me of summer. It’s also the Latin word for “Crown” and in bedding and draperies, that is exactly what it means. A Corona is a crown for your bed. Coronas can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted and can be circular, oval, or half circles. Coronas can also be an elaborate pre-made wood or metal piece to which the fabric is attached, or it can be created through fabric as in the House Beautiful example below.

Interior Designer Bedrooms

via House Beautiful

Bedroom Design Ideasvia ZsaZsaBellagio

Traditional Bedroom Design

via Splendid Sass

Traditional Bedroom Interior Design

via Architectural Digest

Other Creative Bed Drapery

I couldn’t help but include this bed project. It’s very much like a half tester, but the box and molding are built in to the room and simple fabric panels are installed inside of the box. It’s clever and a very dramatic look.

Creative Home Decorator

via Home Depot


Designing with Bed Drapery | Canopies

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Bed Drapery has been around for a long time. It was essential in Northern Europe during the cold winters in drafty homes. Beds were draped in fabrics and woven tapestries to create warmth and privacy. Kings and Queens would receive courtiers at their bed, so the beds were of importance and were lavishly decorated. Just think of the beds in the Palace of Versailles and you’ll get the picture.

Today, Bed Drapery is a fun way to customize your bedroom design, add more color and pattern, or create a cozy cocoon for yourself and your loved one. And they don’t necessarily have to be elaborate or expensive. There are several ways to incorporate bedding treatments into your own dream Master Suite. Today, I’ll  discuss canopies, both with a four-poster bed and without.

Canopies and Drapery on a Four-poster Bed

The first way to achieve Bed Drapery is with a proper four-poster or canopy bed. Using the bed as the base, drapery can be added in many creative ways.

Custom Interior Design

via Abode Love

Luxury Interior Design

via Pinterest

Interior Designer Denver COvia Elle Decor


 via The Enchanted Home

Interior Design Master Bedroom

via House Beautiful

Faux Canopy

A second way to add Bed Drapery, is to fake a a four-poster bed by adding a drapery at the wall, ceiling, or both.

One of the easiest ways to do this is hang drapery rods from the ceiling and drapery at the corners make a convincing look of a four-poster bed.

Custom Bedroom Interior Design

Via Tobi Fairley

Custom Interior Decor Colorado

source unknown

A second way to create the look is adding Drapery at the ceiling that falls behind the bed as in these bedrooms featured below.

Bed Drapery

via Splendid Sass

European Inspired Design

via Design Tripper

Custom Drapery Design Denver Colorado

via Pinterest

Twin Canopy Beds Boy Room

via Pinterest

Next time I’ll cover 2 other types of Bed Draperies: Half Tester and  Corona. More inspiration for your own beautiful master suite design.

Are you inspired to add bed drapery to your bedroom design?




Pink, but All Grown Up – Love it or Leave it?

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I’ve recently found myself drawn to a lot of bold pink rooms. These rooms are loud and proud in their pink-ness and they are not just for little girls and tweens. Some of them are all out pink. Others incorporate a splash of pink. But it really makes a splash. What do you think of these bold pink rooms? Do you Love it or would you Leave it?

Bold Interior Designervia Pinterest

Custom Bathroom Design in Denver

via Houzz

Vibrant Color in Interior Design

via Pinterest

Interior Designer Boulder ColoradoInterior Decorator Denver Colorado

Via Beautiful Habitat Interior Design

Bold Creative Interior Decorating Colorado

Via Lonny Magazine

Interior Decorator Denver

Via Cupcakes & Casablanca

Vibrant Pink Interior Decor

Via Pinterest

6 Modern Armchairs for Every Style Space

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Today we have a guest post from design writer Joanna Crain with, a terrific online source for high quality yet affordable designer modern furnishings. Joanna brings us six modern armchairs from their collections and gives tips for how to meld them with any decor style. Thanks Joanna!

Nothing highlights a space more than a striking, multi-functional modern armchair that speaks of your home’s personality (as well as yours). Designing your home in whatever style you want or dream of – whether you are going for a chic, shabby, contemporary, romantic or eclectic look – is exciting, fun and inspiring.

Finding the right furniture is key in decorating your space, and creating your nest. Of course, you won’t want to splurge on any piece that will simply not serve its purpose in your home, or not fulfill your needs.

Comfort, style, design and cost are crucial factors you have to consider when designing your space. Thanks to the abundant choices today of modern furniture, getting a sofa, daybed, loveseat or lounge chair is quite easy.

But, putting it all together with your existing furniture and decor can be quite challenging; yet rewarding when you manage to achieve the desired look that you’re aiming for. This is when your creativity kicks in – mixing and matching furniture with accent pieces, playing with colors and fabric, and choosing a focal point to make your space truly stand out.

Here are some design styles and gorgeous modern armchairs that might just suit your dream decor.


Funky Look with Mott Chair
If you are aiming for a funky look whether for your living or dining space, the best décor idea to consider is putting dramatic and neutral colors together. Adding funky accent pieces as well will totally achieve this look.

This gorgeous modern armchair by Nuans Design is perfect for that funky and chic look for any space. It comes in eye-catching colors, ensuring that it will stand out against neutral or light colors and will surely bring drama to your space. The Mott Chair is extremely comfortable to sit on with its removable upholstered seat; and its steel base’s simple and clean lines will make a modern home truly appealing.

Garden Style with O’PERA-K Armchair
Yes, you can put your garden inside your house. Ridiculous? Not really. Designing your space is your prerogative; and creating a garden look inside your home is all about you. Besides, if you have a green thumb and you love the outdoors, why not take your design to the next level by having a garden-inspired space?

If you’re already convinced of creating a garden-style home, Plastix/Papatya’s O’PERA-K Armchair is the ideal furniture for this kind of space. This trendy, comfortable and sturdy armchair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Made of molded polypropylene with a transparent polycarbonate back, this chair will spruce up your indoor or outdoor space with its intricate design. What’s even better is that the colors are permeated through the material, assuring you that they will still look perfect even after years of hard use.


Mediterranean Style with Dupont Swivel Chair
If you love Europe and its countryside, Mediterranean style is the ideal look to go for. This design style is, simply put, charming. If you want to go for this look, don’t forget to use natural hues to make your space look bigger and brighter. But, most importantly, to make this look really work, you need accent pieces in dark and bright colors such as red.

Another stunning collection from Nuans Design, the Dupont Swivel Chair will absolutely complement your space. This dramatic armchair, especially in Red Wool, will serve as a striking contrast to your space’s neutral colors. Its upholstered seat cushions and chrome plated swivel metal base is the best accent piece for your home.


Classic Contemporary Style with Angel Armchair
This interior design style marries the classic and modern look. If you feel that the simple, contemporary look is too harsh for your taste, go for softer color contrasts that will highlight the art on your walls. When using this style, make sure to avoid using colors that will hold your attention on one piece. Instead, use colors and pieces that complement each other, lending a warm and homey ambiance to your space.

Here’s the chair that will complete your home’s classic contemporary look. Designed by Ruud Bos for Kubikoff, the  Angel Armchair will suit your space’s modern and classy look. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use; and is also the perfect accent piece in your living space. This molded polycarbonate chair is designed to cradle the body; and is meant to last even after years of hard use because the colors are permeated through the material.


Eclectic Style with Diamond Rocker Chair
True to its name, if you are into mixing and matching various furniture, colors and other pieces, then this design style is right for you. If you opt for this look, feel free to play with colors, fabric, design and style. While this look may be overwhelming for some, you can pull it off by choosing materials that are not really bulky so as not to make your space look and feel cramped.

This classic and beautiful rocker chair by Kubikoff can be used to accent any interior design style. Simply elegant, you can use this for your reading nook or an accent piece in your eclectic-style home. The Diamond Rocker Chair has a polycarbonate shell in clear transparent or white.


Urban Style with Opal M Swivel Chair
Another home design style inspired by a city, the New York style suits any modern space because of its use of neutral paint colors, contrasting furniture accents, as well as space-saving furniture.

To match your New York style dining space, Plastix/Papatya’s Opal M Swivel Chair is your best bet. Since you want furniture with dramatic hues, this modern armchair lends an intriguing tone for your space. Available in transparent and solid colors, this molded technopolymer chair will make your dining space brighter and more vivacious. This chair is anti-UV stabilized, making sure that its vibrant colors will last even after years of use.

No matter whether you’re looking for the chairs above or furniture by leading European designers or simply want a new and exciting piece by the young talents of the current generation of designers, 212Concept wiil help you find it. To browse or shop modern furniture from Kubikoff, sohoConcept, Nuans Design and others visit