Style Trends: Textured Tiles

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Recently I’ve been working on several bathroom remodels and a few fireplace remodels/refacing as well. That has me shopping for tiles often. And in spending so much time in tile stores, the reps have been showing me the latest and greatest new things coming into their showrooms. One trend that I am seeing is more and more of is that of textured and 3D tiles. Luxury Interior Design


Textured tiles are hot and the varieties in shapes, patterns and colors grows every day. These tiles are created with new manufacturing techniques. As the technology continues to improve, the shapes that these tiles can take becomes virtually endless.

These 2 tiles are from Ann Sacks. The first is the Mousharabia collection designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with a definite historical/Moorish flair. This tile is glazed with a subtle blue over terra cotta. The second tile is the Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection. This tile is a more matte finish, adding to the visible texture. Both tiles really call out to be touched, don’t they?

Luxury Interior Design Products Interior Designer Denver Colorado

These tiles make a beautiful design statement. Even if bold colors or patterns are not for you, a textured tile in a neutral color can add a unique element to your room. The options in textured tiles now range almost as much as regular ol’ flat tiles: traditional to modern, contemporary or historical, an endless range of colors, and textures from glossy and glazed to honed to matte.

Textured and 3D tiles can be used to make a statement on one wall or create an accent in a room, or used en mass, covering the whole room or wall. Check out the beautiful rooms and designs below featuring textured tiles. This should get the inspiration flowing for you.

Modern Interior Design Boulder, CO via Porcelanosa

Modern Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado

via Porcelanosa

Kitchen Design in Colorado


Designer Tiles for Bathroom Design

via Ann Sacks Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection

Batheroom Designer Denver Colorado I just specified this tile below for a bathroom design in Denver. The texture is subtle, but spread over a wall like this makes a beautiful statement. Bathroom Design in Highlands Denver CO

via Capco Tile

Based on this display at the ICFF Design Show, the options in textured tiles may be unlimited and this trend may be around for a while. Interior Design Trends

via Design Milk

Bring Two Decorating Styles Together | Guest Post

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Compromise can be hard, especially when it comes to clashing styles of home décor. I have a very vintage and bold style and would prefer to have my house look like it could be in an episode of Mad Men.  Meanwhile my fiancé has more of a modern and simplistic style in mind. We are in the process of putting together our home which at first seemed impossible, but we learned a few things about making the two styles mesh.

Let each other win with the small things.

Make each room decidedly vintage or modern, but with splashes of its opposite thrown in. If your living room has vintage furniture and bolder colors on the walls, hang metal frames for a touch of modern art on the walls. This will make for a smooth transition from room to room as you negotiate each major theme per room.

Incorporate candles simplistically to add warmth

Candles easily add class to any interior design project. They can bring a lot of warmth to what I see as the cold modern style that my husband likes.  Our dining room is more of the modern style, so we put a cluster of three pillar candles ( has neat green ones) as a centerpiece to add warmth.

Interior Designer Tips

If the room you are decorating is primarily vintage, get some metallic modern candle holders to mix the two styles.

Color the walls according to one style, and get appliances agreeing with the other.

If you happen to have furniture that is decorative and vintage, keep the walls neutral and modern. This is a very simple way to compromise and make both people happy. The lime green in this kitchen design brings a very vintage look to this otherwise modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Boulder

©Design Sponge

The biggest piece of advice I have is to relax and keep an open mind.  Our styles have slowly started to blend together and look more like close relatives rather than complete strangers.  When we first started combining our things into the same home, everything seemed to clash and provoke headaches. Thankfully, that is becoming less and less the case and our separate décor styles are working together in harmony.

About the author: Carmen Denny can’t believe that she’s finally engaged! In between wedding planning she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, bike riding and of course, more wedding planning. She writes while drooling over choices for wedding candle sets and other decorative pieces for

6 Modern Armchairs for Every Style Space

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Today we have a guest post from design writer Joanna Crain with, a terrific online source for high quality yet affordable designer modern furnishings. Joanna brings us six modern armchairs from their collections and gives tips for how to meld them with any decor style. Thanks Joanna!

Nothing highlights a space more than a striking, multi-functional modern armchair that speaks of your home’s personality (as well as yours). Designing your home in whatever style you want or dream of – whether you are going for a chic, shabby, contemporary, romantic or eclectic look – is exciting, fun and inspiring.

Finding the right furniture is key in decorating your space, and creating your nest. Of course, you won’t want to splurge on any piece that will simply not serve its purpose in your home, or not fulfill your needs.

Comfort, style, design and cost are crucial factors you have to consider when designing your space. Thanks to the abundant choices today of modern furniture, getting a sofa, daybed, loveseat or lounge chair is quite easy.

But, putting it all together with your existing furniture and decor can be quite challenging; yet rewarding when you manage to achieve the desired look that you’re aiming for. This is when your creativity kicks in – mixing and matching furniture with accent pieces, playing with colors and fabric, and choosing a focal point to make your space truly stand out.

Here are some design styles and gorgeous modern armchairs that might just suit your dream decor.


Funky Look with Mott Chair
If you are aiming for a funky look whether for your living or dining space, the best décor idea to consider is putting dramatic and neutral colors together. Adding funky accent pieces as well will totally achieve this look.

This gorgeous modern armchair by Nuans Design is perfect for that funky and chic look for any space. It comes in eye-catching colors, ensuring that it will stand out against neutral or light colors and will surely bring drama to your space. The Mott Chair is extremely comfortable to sit on with its removable upholstered seat; and its steel base’s simple and clean lines will make a modern home truly appealing.

Garden Style with O’PERA-K Armchair
Yes, you can put your garden inside your house. Ridiculous? Not really. Designing your space is your prerogative; and creating a garden look inside your home is all about you. Besides, if you have a green thumb and you love the outdoors, why not take your design to the next level by having a garden-inspired space?

If you’re already convinced of creating a garden-style home, Plastix/Papatya’s O’PERA-K Armchair is the ideal furniture for this kind of space. This trendy, comfortable and sturdy armchair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Made of molded polypropylene with a transparent polycarbonate back, this chair will spruce up your indoor or outdoor space with its intricate design. What’s even better is that the colors are permeated through the material, assuring you that they will still look perfect even after years of hard use.


Mediterranean Style with Dupont Swivel Chair
If you love Europe and its countryside, Mediterranean style is the ideal look to go for. This design style is, simply put, charming. If you want to go for this look, don’t forget to use natural hues to make your space look bigger and brighter. But, most importantly, to make this look really work, you need accent pieces in dark and bright colors such as red.

Another stunning collection from Nuans Design, the Dupont Swivel Chair will absolutely complement your space. This dramatic armchair, especially in Red Wool, will serve as a striking contrast to your space’s neutral colors. Its upholstered seat cushions and chrome plated swivel metal base is the best accent piece for your home.


Classic Contemporary Style with Angel Armchair
This interior design style marries the classic and modern look. If you feel that the simple, contemporary look is too harsh for your taste, go for softer color contrasts that will highlight the art on your walls. When using this style, make sure to avoid using colors that will hold your attention on one piece. Instead, use colors and pieces that complement each other, lending a warm and homey ambiance to your space.

Here’s the chair that will complete your home’s classic contemporary look. Designed by Ruud Bos for Kubikoff, the  Angel Armchair will suit your space’s modern and classy look. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use; and is also the perfect accent piece in your living space. This molded polycarbonate chair is designed to cradle the body; and is meant to last even after years of hard use because the colors are permeated through the material.


Eclectic Style with Diamond Rocker Chair
True to its name, if you are into mixing and matching various furniture, colors and other pieces, then this design style is right for you. If you opt for this look, feel free to play with colors, fabric, design and style. While this look may be overwhelming for some, you can pull it off by choosing materials that are not really bulky so as not to make your space look and feel cramped.

This classic and beautiful rocker chair by Kubikoff can be used to accent any interior design style. Simply elegant, you can use this for your reading nook or an accent piece in your eclectic-style home. The Diamond Rocker Chair has a polycarbonate shell in clear transparent or white.


Urban Style with Opal M Swivel Chair
Another home design style inspired by a city, the New York style suits any modern space because of its use of neutral paint colors, contrasting furniture accents, as well as space-saving furniture.

To match your New York style dining space, Plastix/Papatya’s Opal M Swivel Chair is your best bet. Since you want furniture with dramatic hues, this modern armchair lends an intriguing tone for your space. Available in transparent and solid colors, this molded technopolymer chair will make your dining space brighter and more vivacious. This chair is anti-UV stabilized, making sure that its vibrant colors will last even after years of use.

No matter whether you’re looking for the chairs above or furniture by leading European designers or simply want a new and exciting piece by the young talents of the current generation of designers, 212Concept wiil help you find it. To browse or shop modern furniture from Kubikoff, sohoConcept, Nuans Design and others visit

Double Duty Desk & Nightstand | Bedroom Design

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Using a small desk in place of a nightstand is chic and convenient use of space in the bedroom. In small spaces, it is always wise to have furniture serve multiple functions. Even in larger bedrooms, a desk in place of a nightstand adds function and interest. In the Master Suite it can serve as a quite spot to journal or write to friends. In a guest room it provides a small, private work space for visitors. The idea works well in both modern and traditional spaces. Look at these stylish bedroom desks:

Interior Decorator in Denver

via Bryn Alexandria

Master Suite Design in Westminster, CO

via Beautiful Habitat

Custom Interior Designvia Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

Interior Designer in Boulder

via Ashton Sebastian

Master Suite Design

via DecorPad

Interior Decor in Denver

via Bryn Alexandria

Creative Interior Design Bedroom

via Willow Be Inspired

Modern Interior Design Boulder

via Lonny

Interior Design for Small Spaces

via Real Simple

Timeless Floral Decorations for a Modern Home

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Choosing the right floral decorations will add the perfect ambiance to a modern home, and can turn any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Bring pictures of each room in your home with you to the florist. The visualization of each room will help a person and the florist order flowers in the shapes and colors that will accentuate a special space and style. While the florist is busy designing a floral masterpiece, a person no longer has to wait around until it is created. Most will choose to have their flowers delivered, a convenience that is very much appreciated in these busy times.


Modern Home Flowers and Design Choices

Elegant flower choices like orchids, gerber daisies, bird of paradise, and calla lilies will beautifully compliment a modern aesthetic. Choose vases and containers with sleek, clean lines. Bold metal containers will add drama and sophistication to a flower creation. Once a person selects the perfect flowers and container, the arrangement should be displayed so that it becomes the focal point of the room. If the interior colors are white or tan, choose florals or containers in bold, dramatic colors. An interior decorated in bold colors would look beautiful accented with light or pastel colored florals.

Floral Decorating Ideas for Modern Interiors

Place a line of bold, square vases across a fireplace mantle or at the center of a long table. Fill each vase with clear marbles and water, then add a single flower to each vase. Calla lilies are a great choice for single flower arrangements. This timeless floral design will add warmth to a modern design, while complimenting the style and decor of the room.

A bird of paradise flower arrangement in a bold metal container will add a dramatic look to an entryway in a modern interior, and it is a great way to welcome guest as they enter the home. If the entryway is large enough, place a bird of paradise floral decoration on each side of the front door for a bolder, eye-catching look.

Beautify a bathroom by placing a small square vase on the sink or at the top, center of the tank. Cut the stems short so that the flower heads hit just above the vase. Tie a bow matching the flowers around the center of the vase. Add a drop of potpourri oil to the arrangement water. This is a natural and unique way to add a lovely aroma to a bathroom.

Fruits mixed with flowers is a floral design that would beautifully compliment a dining room or kitchen in modern home design. Place a flat bowl or basket filled with fruit on a table or counter. Lay flowers on and throughout the fruit for a bold, stunning look. Another design option is to have the flowers placed at the center of the flat container, then frame the florals with the fruit pieces.

Every room has an awkward space or small corner that needs that little something. A tall vase with a dramatic floral arrangement would be the perfect decor choice. Choose vibrant colored flowers placed in a clear vase, or select a colored vase with ivory or soft colored flowers to make the space pop.

A candle centerpiece is another floral decoration that would beautify any room with modern decor. Place some moss inside a large flower pot. Place a trio of pillar candles in the center of the moss, then make a border with roses around the edges of the pot. This floral decoration looks stunning on a fireplace, entertainment center, or a corner in the room that needs a decorative touch.

About the Author

Patricia Hall works part-time for a florist and flower delivery but loves to surround herself with flowers at any given point of time. Even in her free time she loves to involve herself with everything flora and fauna.
‘To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers – it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways – unity of all mankind!’

Modern Take on the Barn Door Look

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Interior Designer Denver ColoradoI recently completed this project and am so pleased with the results. It’s unlike most Beautiful Habitat projects that I feature here in that it is a design for my own home. This makes it part Beautiful Habitat “work” and part DIY project. To be fair, The design was all me, the build was all my husband. I’m so happy that he’s handy!

First, let’s define the goals of the project.

  1. We are incredibly blessed to live with dedicated open space behind our home. Privacy is not an issue, and we also have great views. Therefore, we want something that can provide some privacy, light and heat control, but still provide some visibility.
  2. We have a more modern or urban aesthetic, yet lifestyle of the suburbs. We enjoy creating ways to urbanize our suburban home.
  3. Both as an Interior Designer, but also as an individual, I am drawn to unique things and I especially wanted an original and creative way to treat the standard sliding glass door.

The Project:
The first and most important step is always a good design plan. This included a number of sketches to work out the design and the measurements. The door had to be large enough to completely cover the sliding door and window above, 6′ W x 8′ H.

One of the longest parts of the process was staining the boards, particularly because a bitter cold front moved through Colorado, forcing me to move the staining into the basement… We also went with a 2 step staining to get the warmth and aged-look we wanted.

Custom Finishes Boulder Colorado

Next came the layout and actual build.

Custom Interior Designs Denver Colorado

Interior Decorator Denver Colorado

Interior Design Broomfield ColoradoThe door is done! Now time to get it hung…


We chose hardware from a company called Real Sliding Door Hardware.

We made the door handle from pieces of plumbing pipe found at any hardware store.

  1. It followed the urban and industrial aesthetic that we wanted
  2. Because the door is 6′x8′, the handle needed to be substantial to feel balanced with the door size. Finding a substantial handle is difficult. Finding one that doesn’t cost a fortune is nearly impossible.

Interior Designer Broomfield Colorado

On to hanging… This was the most stressful part of the project!

Interior Decorator Boulder ColoradoCustom Interior Design ColoradoOnce the hardware was up, it was time to stain again. Why didn’t I stain this with the other boards? The cold Colorado weather prevented me from staining in the garage. The 12′ L of this board prevented it from going down to the basement. Therefore, staining in place was the best option.

Modern Barn Door Is Complete and hung!!

Modern Interior Design Denver ColoradoAbove, the door is closed.

Urban Design Boulder ColoradoAnd a view with the door open.

Urban Decor Denver ColoradoAnd partially open. Maximum functionality here!

Modern Decor Boulder Colorado

I hope you’ve been inspired to think out of the box in your home! What project would you like to try?

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Exciting Patterns for Every Room | Guest Post

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Hi all! I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers from around the world and their work. My writing focuses on things I’m passionate about: interior design, home furnishings, gardening and art. I’m lucky enough to have a background in art history, auctions, and antiques, and a passion for decorating ideas. Plus, I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. What a fantastic job!

This week I’ll be looking at ways to add exciting patterns for every room in the home. From bold patterned tiles to graphic towels and linens, don’t be afraid to bring patterns into your home. Patterns add interest and style to any space. Be bold, mix and match, and have fun with pattern!

DE Design Coop via

Patterned floors in the kitchen, bath or entry add an extra style element to these rooms. Tile laid in interesting patterns or a herringbone wood floor are interesting twists on these traditional materials.

Coco Cozy via

Patterned tiles… for the bath or kitchen add color as well as pattern to these spaces. Use them on the floor or as a backsplash. Moroccan style tiles are very popular now.

Bedding Chic via

Bold patterned bedding is a smart way to add pattern to the bedroom design. Mix and match it with solids to break up the pattern, or choose a patterned coverlet or duvet.

Design Sponge via

A bold pattern area rug is a smart choice for adding pattern to a dining room, entry, living room, bedroom or even a bathroom design. Indoor/outdoor rugs can add pattern to your porch or deck.

Apartment Therapy via

Wallpaper is the big trend for adding pattern to walls today. Available in a range of patterns, colors and sheens, wallpaper can work in small spaces, like powder rooms, and larger rooms like dining rooms.

Shore Dreams and Beautiful Things via

Colorful patterned bath towels, like these from Amy Butler, can liven up your bath or guest bathroom. Patterned tea towels for the kitchen are a hot trend right now. Other interior design ideas to think about, might include colorful tea towels as guest towels in a powder room.

Rent the Runway via

Curtains in the living room, dining room or bedroom can be the perfect place to add pattern. And they are easily changed if you decide you don’t like the pattern anymore.

Pepper Design via

Pillows, like these ikat patterned pillows from Fabricadabra, are the easiest way to add patterns to any room.
Pattern will add excitement to your décor and your life, start adding it today!

5 Important Principles of 21st Century Design {Guest Post}

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Perhaps it is life’s fast pace, coupled with the economic downturn, or simply the need to take refuge from it all, that has shifted interior design’s focus to what matters most. Accordingly, there has been a return to appreciating natural products, comfort and functionality, and revamping what is at hand to reflect current longings. A keen awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly attitudes also now influence decision-making when adding anything new to the home, from light bulbs to appliances. Here is a look at five important principles guiding 21st century design and how they can be applied to personal living spaces:

Furniture With Uncluttered Lines and Simple Designs

Modern furniture is sleek and simple, with geometric lines replacing overly intricate curves or fancy wooden legs. Conversely, large boxy-shaped sofas and easy chairs invite sinking into ample cushions of leather, suede, velvet or other smoothly finished fabrics from nature’s color palette. Bold patterned pillows and throws supply interest and pull a room together. Functional ottomans in the same shape and fabric can be snugged up for resting feet or used for snack tables or game and magazine rests, with the emphasis on usage and flexibility.

Thus, if replacing sofas and chairs, utility and comfort should be of primary concern. Look for simple designs with soil-treated fabrics that will hold up to wear and tear, yet be inviting enough for everyone. Similarly, if reupholstering comfortable pieces, choose from fabrics that echo nature: beiges, soft blues and greens, terra cottas, warm browns, muted grays. These are restful to look at and will be the most harmonious when adding accessories. Using pillows to add decorative touches allows seasonal enhancements, and keeping a few special ones on hand for entertaining ensures freshening the look in a jiffy.

Walls That Do Not Detract

21st century design de-emphasizes overly decorated walls, following the same minimalist approach as furnishings. Walls are increasingly free of wallpaper, borders, or other distracting elements, instead acting as quiet junctures for interesting, similarly uncluttered windows and doors that provide natural light. Moldings and baseboards are simplistic and non-ornamental, often painted the same or complementary colors as walls. Moreover, tray ceilings with depth perception provide uncluttered upward interest for lighting arrangements. These often include recessed swivel bulbs that ensure light falling where most desired, on artwork or over reading areas. Dimmer switches create atmosphere.

While walls are plainer, they radiate charm and warmth through artwork in various genres. Large oil or acrylic paintings on canvas are often the focus of soaring floor-to-ceiling spaces without windows. Moreover, they are just as apt to be frameless, giving the appearance of floating rather than being confined. Mirrors or glass displays also offer breathtaking dimension, especially when reflecting outdoor scenes or unique lighting fixtures hung over tables or central locations.

Selecting art with modern themes and strong colors will give soft-hued walls personality. While paintings or replicas are always stylish, rooms often dictate other possibilities. A bright art deco poster in a simple metal frame will make any kitchen or family living area seem more alive, while smaller prints with ample color and design are well-suited to baths, bedrooms, dining areas and any walls interrupted by windows or doors and not as spacious.

Kitchens With Eco-Friendly Functionality and Centralized Design

Kitchens have been the heart of the home forever, always family friendly though sometimes crowded. Modern kitchen design has magnified the gathering concept with much more space to enhance mixing eating, socializing, and food preparation, too. Furthermore, while once designed to blend in as insignificantly as possible, modern appliances now sport a new boldness. Stainless steel and other metal finishes formerly relegated to restaurant kitchens grace home appliances, their commercial looks underscoring function and practicality rather than pretense. Designed to take on big jobs nowadays, more relied upon than ever, there is no attempt to hide them. Additionally, their eco-friendly operation requires intelligent engineering and design that makes saving energy a daily kitchen feature.

Thus, no-nonsense appliances are as large as space permits. Remodeling a kitchen, then, should revolve around enhanced spaciousness for family and friends to gather in, but also the accommodations needed by state-of-the-art appliances that double as energy savers through modern engineering. The natural crushed stone and granite products characterizing today’s kitchen workspaces and countertops continue the same functional feeling. Well-placed artwork and colorful rugs, cookware and dinnerware provide warmth.

Custom bathroom design Denver Colorado


The Bathroom As An Oasis

As 21st century designers have embraced comfort as the key to home living, it is unsurprising that bathrooms have emerged high on the revamping list. Not only inspiring remodeling projects, they have spurred new home designers to rethink how this room is used. Once the purveyor of simple functionality, prone to being cluttered with frilly curtains and bath accessories, the modern bath now more resembles a luxurious spa, a comfortable oasis for relaxation.

Consequently, fixtures have been designed for ease of use, with modern, eye-appealing lines. Footed or sunken soaking-tubs may be centrally located or backed by a cozy fireplace, while showers can accommodate more than one with larger enclosures and multiple showerheads offering streaming massages. The release of steam only provides another spa-like quality in this home retreat.

Updating a bathroom by replacing old fixtures and faucets provides modern functionality. New vanities and countertops with crushed stone looks, larger floor tiles in neutral tones, and walk-in showers are further ways to accomplish 21st century appeal. Rugs and towels in natural colors and textured fabrics will extend this aesthetic. Also, replacing fluorescent tubes with eco-friendly light bulbs in soft bronze or satin nickel light fixtures imitates natural light where most needed, around mirrors and vanities; adding a high window or two encourages soaks in natural daylight in even the oldest tubs.

Windows And Doors Add More Than Light

With the impetus behind eco-friendly light bulbs in mind, natural lighting is now in vogue as well. Likewise, more attention is paid to window and door design and placement. Once regarded as challenging to conceal while simultaneously allowing light inside, most concealing now is reserved for evening or personal privacy. Thus, windows and doors are in the spotlight, equipped with energy-efficient glass and better insulation and mobility for easy cleaning. Sourcing natural lighting, preventing drafts and damaging sunrays, while also looking nice, is a major plus. And when it comes to privacy and window coverings, less is more. Blinds and shades of natural textured materials are popular, as are any treatments allowing maximum exposure but ample privacy. Once again, an appreciation for nature surpasses unnatural-looking solutions.

Similarly, doors have been given more design prominence. Replacing a section of wall with double French doors or paneled sliders not only allows increased light, but a distinct outdoor connection as well. Using large plants or small trees in painted ceramic pots by the door’s interior allows the release of beneficial oxygen for healthier living. Moreover, doors with a lot of glass make a room feel larger – a clever way to expand when space prohibits it.

The above elements of 21st century interior design and how they can be applied are a testament to simple, uncluttered living. Establishing a home environment that focuses on simple luxuries, personal comfort, colorful relief and the unparalleled presence of nature and its many gifts is the goal.

Favorite Things | SKLI Pendant

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I love stunning light fixtures and think they are as much artwork as they are functional pieces that light our homes. Architect Nils Finne has brought us the sophisticated, contemporary SKLI pendant, a piece which fuses art and function beautifully.

Modern Interior Design Boulder ColoradoThe texture of the glass, reminiscent of wrinkled silk, is achieved with hundreds of 1/16” glass rods that are hand-placed on a clear base sheet, and then fused together in a kiln at high temperature. The light that shines through the glass plane, or is reflected on the ceiling, gives a subtle and alluring effect.

Professional Interior Designer Denver Colorado
The sensuous shape is made with waterjet cutting technology after the glass has been annealed.

Modern Interior Design Denver ColoradoContemporary Interior Design Boulder ColoradoThis fixture is perfect for large rooms with a need for dramatic lighting effects.

Contemporary Interior Design Denver Colorado

Happy Colors | Orange

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Continuing on our topic of colors that make you happy, today we are on Orange.  I love to use orange in rooms and agree that it is a happy color.  It’s a warm and vibrant color that combines the happiness of yellow with the energy of red.

One of my favorite interior design plans features orange and has been seen in the Beautiful Habitat blog before in Spring Inspired Rooms.

Colorado Interior Design

Like last week’s post which featured purple as our happy color, orange can by used in different intensities for very different results.

As a wall color paired with neutrals.

Vibrant Interior Design in Coloradovia Classic With a Twist

Bold Interior Design in Coloradovia Bright Bazaar

As a bold accent color

Bold Bedroom Design Bouldervia Beautiful Habitat Interior Design & Decoration

Custom Bathroom Design in Denver Coloradovia Martha Stewart

Vibrant Interior Design in Denver Coloradovia A Blonde & a Brunette

Interior Decorating in Boulder Coloradovia My Home Ideas

Interior Design in Boulder Coloradovia House to Home

Traditional Interior Design with a Twistvia FLIK by Design

And rooms that just go all out with Orange

Bold Interior Design in DenverFrom Sixx Designs via Desire to Inspire

Modern Interior Design in Denvervia House to Home

Older Posts that feature Orange Interiors and Decor:

Have you ever used or considered using orange in your home decor? Share with us here, or on Facebook.