Love it or Leave it| Concrete Bathroom

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Bathroom Interior Design Tips

Last fall my husband and I took another world-traveling adventure to Hong Kong, Cambodia and Thailand. It was my first time in Asia and it was amazing. The culture, the food, the architecture… it was all a wonder for the sense and I found several sources of inspiration for Interior Design.

Hong Kong Big Buddha

Our hotel in Cambodia had a very interesting bathroom… from top to bottom, the entire bathroom was made of concrete (sans sink, toilet and mirror). The vanity and bathtub were made in formed concrete. The walls and floor are all concrete. It’s such an interesting design concept.

Please excuse the photo quality. These were taken with my phone.

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I realize that this design concept is employed most likely because concrete is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible. However, the idea of using concrete in this way makes for a very interesting bathroom. It’s a modern and sleek, yet industrial look. Imagine the ease of cleaning this bathroom! The whole room can literally be hosed down.

Now, I realize that this particular bathroom is quite dark and many of you will dismiss it on that basis. Therefore, I have many other all concrete bathrooms to consider.

Bathroom Designer

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Notice the addition of concrete floating shelves and a bench seat in this shower.

The Best Bathroom Design Ideas

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Contemporary Bathroom Design

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Unique Bathroom Design Ideasvia hometone

This concrete bathroom has a wonderful organic feel with the addition of pebbles and the sculptural wood chair .

Concrete bathroom Design

This concrete bathroom adds a little glamorous bling. It’s an eye-catching combination.

Luxury Hotel Design

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Modern Bathroom Designs Denver CO

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As with most design choices, there are pros and cons to using concrete in bathroom. Concrete is resistant, can be built on the spot, is quite low-maintenance, is light on the pocket and can be custom-made to your imagination! You could have your bathtub formed to be the ideal comfort for your body. The disadvantages are that it is heavy material and also semi-permanent. Once you install it, it will be quite a feat to move it around!

So what do you think of a concrete bathroom? Do you love it or would you leave it?

By the way, Cambodia is a treasure and I highly recommend a visit! We visited the temple complexes around Siem Reap. Siem Reap is a wonderful and vibrant city, like Asia meets New Orleans. Our concrete bathroom was in a splendid little hotel called the Khmere Mansion Hotel.

Style Trends: Textured Tiles

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Recently I’ve been working on several bathroom remodels and a few fireplace remodels/refacing as well. That has me shopping for tiles often. And in spending so much time in tile stores, the reps have been showing me the latest and greatest new things coming into their showrooms. One trend that I am seeing is more and more of is that of textured and 3D tiles. Luxury Interior Design


Textured tiles are hot and the varieties in shapes, patterns and colors grows every day. These tiles are created with new manufacturing techniques. As the technology continues to improve, the shapes that these tiles can take becomes virtually endless.

These 2 tiles are from Ann Sacks. The first is the Mousharabia collection designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with a definite historical/Moorish flair. This tile is glazed with a subtle blue over terra cotta. The second tile is the Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection. This tile is a more matte finish, adding to the visible texture. Both tiles really call out to be touched, don’t they?

Luxury Interior Design Products Interior Designer Denver Colorado

These tiles make a beautiful design statement. Even if bold colors or patterns are not for you, a textured tile in a neutral color can add a unique element to your room. The options in textured tiles now range almost as much as regular ol’ flat tiles: traditional to modern, contemporary or historical, an endless range of colors, and textures from glossy and glazed to honed to matte.

Textured and 3D tiles can be used to make a statement on one wall or create an accent in a room, or used en mass, covering the whole room or wall. Check out the beautiful rooms and designs below featuring textured tiles. This should get the inspiration flowing for you.

Modern Interior Design Boulder, CO via Porcelanosa

Modern Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado

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Kitchen Design in Colorado


Designer Tiles for Bathroom Design

via Ann Sacks Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection

Batheroom Designer Denver Colorado I just specified this tile below for a bathroom design in Denver. The texture is subtle, but spread over a wall like this makes a beautiful statement. Bathroom Design in Highlands Denver CO

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Based on this display at the ICFF Design Show, the options in textured tiles may be unlimited and this trend may be around for a while. Interior Design Trends

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Bring Two Decorating Styles Together | Guest Post

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Compromise can be hard, especially when it comes to clashing styles of home décor. I have a very vintage and bold style and would prefer to have my house look like it could be in an episode of Mad Men.  Meanwhile my fiancé has more of a modern and simplistic style in mind. We are in the process of putting together our home which at first seemed impossible, but we learned a few things about making the two styles mesh.

Let each other win with the small things.

Make each room decidedly vintage or modern, but with splashes of its opposite thrown in. If your living room has vintage furniture and bolder colors on the walls, hang metal frames for a touch of modern art on the walls. This will make for a smooth transition from room to room as you negotiate each major theme per room.

Incorporate candles simplistically to add warmth

Candles easily add class to any interior design project. They can bring a lot of warmth to what I see as the cold modern style that my husband likes.  Our dining room is more of the modern style, so we put a cluster of three pillar candles ( has neat green ones) as a centerpiece to add warmth.

Interior Designer Tips

If the room you are decorating is primarily vintage, get some metallic modern candle holders to mix the two styles.

Color the walls according to one style, and get appliances agreeing with the other.

If you happen to have furniture that is decorative and vintage, keep the walls neutral and modern. This is a very simple way to compromise and make both people happy. The lime green in this kitchen design brings a very vintage look to this otherwise modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Boulder

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The biggest piece of advice I have is to relax and keep an open mind.  Our styles have slowly started to blend together and look more like close relatives rather than complete strangers.  When we first started combining our things into the same home, everything seemed to clash and provoke headaches. Thankfully, that is becoming less and less the case and our separate décor styles are working together in harmony.

About the author: Carmen Denny can’t believe that she’s finally engaged! In between wedding planning she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, bike riding and of course, more wedding planning. She writes while drooling over choices for wedding candle sets and other decorative pieces for