H&M Home Grand Opening | Denver Pavilions

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Yesterday was the H&M grand reopening at the Denver Pavilions store, including the addition of the Home section. Denver is only the 6th location for a Home store in the US! {More proof that Denver is simply awesome}

Beautiful Habitat was contacted by H&M to create a tablescape design, highlighting the home products. Our goal in the design was help customers envision creative ways to mix and match H&M products to create a truly unique look. After our initial look at the products, we decided to go with two different design concepts to best highlight the different decor pieces offered by H&M.

Denver Interior Designer IMG_6150 edit

Design Concept 1: Glam Feminine Sparkle

Using the wonderful range of metallic and sequined finishes, the first design is a feminine and glamorous mix of sparkle, shine and blush pink.

H&M Denver Home Store


How to Decorate a Table

Interior Design Tips

Design Concept 2: Rustic, Earthy and Cozy

Going nearly opposite on the design spectrum is the collection of earthy, rustic and cozy textures and finishes. This look is masculine and comforting, with the textures of wood and linen. We punched it up with a touch of red.

Creative Tablescape Design

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Tip 1: Don’t follow the rules

In both tablescapes, we incorporated pillow covers as table decoration. Instead of following the rules that a “pillow cover” is only a “pillow cover”, see it as a gorgeous textile. In that context, it can go anywhere. This allows you to be creative and use pieces in new, innovative ways.  A series of these pillow covers make beautiful table runner for holidays.

Interior Design Tips

Creative Interior Designer Tips

Tip 2: Grouping Items Creates Impact

Grouping items together makes a larger statement than single pieces are able to do on their own. It also bridges together single items that are of different styles or colors. Here we’ve grouped three different styles and colors of candle holders to create more interest than any one of these would have done alone. Another key to successful grouping is varying the heights of the items for more interest.

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Tip 3: More Layers for More Interest

Like grouping, layering is a key of successful decorating. That can be layers of pillows, layers of colors, of objects, of textures. This is where many fall short: not enough layers. At H&M prices, adding layers is gentle on the budget!

Decorating Tips

On both tables we layered a table cloth, runners, and pillow covers as a textile base. We then created more layers with mirrors and cake stands as bases for Groupings. Experiment with more layers to your holiday centerpieces this year!

Creative Tablescape Design


Favorite Products

There are so many great decorative products available through H&M that it is difficult to narrow down to a single favorite. They have lovely collections of vases and candle holders. The gold and pewter cake stands are a fantastic way to add height to a tablescape. They offer a  large selection of  pillow covers, which can be used for much more than pillows.

I am going to have to say my favorite find of the whole collection is the Wow Glass Dome. It’s just fun.

Interior Designer Favorite Items

Table Decoration Tips

Thank you to H&M

A big Thank You to H&M for choosing Beautiful Habitat to create the tablescapes for the opening of the Home Store in Denver. The staff was so wonderful, helpful, and truly excited for the new store. I am honored to have played a role in this new venture in Denver. We had so much fun working with the product and creating the designs. Thank you!

Visit the H&M Denver Pavilions Store this weekend to see the Beautiful Habitat Tablescapes and take advantage of the great grand opening sales.

How to Mix Patterns Like An Interior Design Expert

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Mix Patterns Like an Expert

Mixing patterns in interior design {and in fashion} can be daunting. However, it’s not as scary as you may think. There are really just 3 simple rules that you need to follow to pull it off successfully and create a beautifully balanced room.

1. Find the common thread (no pun intended)

A successful design scheme and pattern combination requires a unifying element. Typically this is a unifying color. Often, you can find one pattern that has all of the colors in it, and build others around it. Or you may have fabrics with two or three common colors running throughout. This common element is critical to pulling the fabrics together.

The combination below has magenta pink as the strong unifying element in all of the five patterns (4 pillows and 1 wallpaper). Turquoise blue is the second unifying element because it repeats in three of the five patterns.

Tips From Interior Designer

via Thaibaut


2. Vary the scale {size} of pattern

Successful pattern mixing includes variations in the scale of the patterns. If the scale of each pattern is the same, the combination will just look busy. However, when the scale of the patterns vary, it is stimulating and cohesive.

The combination below uses a large scale floral (also the unifying fabric), mixed with a medium scale gray chevron and a small scale coral Greek key. The result is a successfully balanced and beautiful bedroom color scheme.


via Caitlin Willson Textiles

3. Vary the style of the patterns

To make pattern mixing truly interesting, you’ve got to mix up the pattern style or motif. For best results, this includes mixing curves with lines or graphics with floral or dots with stripes. In this example from the Kelly Wearstler collection, there is a harmony in the styles. The headboard fabric is graphic and linear, mixed with two different small-scale dot fabrics, while the wallpaper and larger pillow both have a more organic, flowing design.


6a7b429814f7a208ce718bb30827e964via aphrochic.com

These same rules apply in fashion.

Mix Pattern Like an Interior Designer

via Flikr

Interior Design Tips

via Lauren Conrad

Although, outside of Gossip Girl, rarely can we get five different patterns on a single body.

Mix Patterns Like a Bad Ass

Let’s go back to more luscious interiors full of bold, playful pattern mixing…

Don’t forget that rugs, wallpaper and artwork all contribute “pattern” to your room and design scheme. Blow, the rug adds the largest scale element to the mix.


via mixandchic.com

And here we have both the rug and the artwork contributing to the layers of pattern in this room.

Interior Designer Denver Colorado

via Design Sponge

Interior Designer Boulder Colorado

via Style At Home


via inspired-design.tumblr.com

Interior Designer Exclusive Fabrics

via Thaibaut

If you’re still feeling hesitant about mixing pattern in your home, look to high-end and interior design fabric websites for further inspiration, or contact an interior designer for help.

Pattern Mixing Inspiration:



Check out our Design Services for help with your project!

Spring Cleaning to Spring Decorating | Changing Your Energy

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I started this post before Spring was officially upon us. Now that Spring is here, it’s all the more relevant. Enjoy!

I’ve been feeling the pull of spring… and of spring cleaning. I’ve recently cleaned out my closet and the basement. I’ve started a new to do list with the many areas I’d like to tackle around the new home.

Interior Decorating Tips
This all got me thinking. What is it about spring that sparks this in us? Why do we feel called to “spring clean”? It’s all about changing our energy.
Decluttering, cleaning, organizing, refreshing; it all breathes new energy into our homes and we feel better for it. So dive into your spring cleaning and boost the energy level around your home. You may even be inspired to take your spring cleaning a step further with some spring decorating. Here are quick and easy ways to add spring to your decorating and change your home’s energy.

Add a New Color of Accessories

The two bedrooms below would’ve looked fine before, but the addition of a pillow in a bright complimentary color (yellow and orange respectively) works to change the energy of the spaces.

Interior Styling Tips from an Expert


How to Accessorize your Home


In living rooms designs , you can make a new color work by adding it in at least 3 places. In the room below, we see emerald green evenly added throughout the room. To make your space look really polished, find a coordinating item the pulls in the old color and new color.

Move Things Around

Try a piece that you bought for the bedroom in the dining room or living room. Sometimes we are too stuck in a rut. Just moving things around can spruce up a space. If that item  doesn’t work in a different room, the change should at least get your creative juice flowing; changing your energy.

Try a New Lamp Shade

And if you really want to boost the energy, paint the lamp a new color inspired by bright spring tones.

Interior Designer Boulder, COvia

Those are easy an inexpensive tips to help add a Spring Time Energy to your home this month. If you are ready to change the energy more permanently, Beautiful Habitat can help you create a design plan. Contact Us today.

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Happy Spring!!!