Spring Cleaning to Spring Decorating | Changing Your Energy

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I started this post before Spring was officially upon us. Now that Spring is here, it’s all the more relevant. Enjoy!

I’ve been feeling the pull of spring… and of spring cleaning. I’ve recently cleaned out my closet and the basement. I’ve started a new to do list with the many areas I’d like to tackle around the new home.

Interior Decorating Tips
This all got me thinking. What is it about spring that sparks this in us? Why do we feel called to “spring clean”? It’s all about changing our energy.
Decluttering, cleaning, organizing, refreshing; it all breathes new energy into our homes and we feel better for it. So dive into your spring cleaning and boost the energy level around your home. You may even be inspired to take your spring cleaning a step further with some spring decorating. Here are quick and easy ways to add spring to your decorating and change your home’s energy.

Add a New Color of Accessories

The two bedrooms below would’ve looked fine before, but the addition of a pillow in a bright complimentary color (yellow and orange respectively) works to change the energy of the spaces.

Interior Styling Tips from an Expert


How to Accessorize your Home


In living rooms designs , you can make a new color work by adding it in at least 3 places. In the room below, we see emerald green evenly added throughout the room. To make your space look really polished, find a coordinating item the pulls in the old color and new color.

Move Things Around

Try a piece that you bought for the bedroom in the dining room or living room. Sometimes we are too stuck in a rut. Just moving things around can spruce up a space. If that item  doesn’t work in a different room, the change should at least get your creative juice flowing; changing your energy.

Try a New Lamp Shade

And if you really want to boost the energy, paint the lamp a new color inspired by bright spring tones.

Interior Designer Boulder, COvia

Those are easy an inexpensive tips to help add a Spring Time Energy to your home this month. If you are ready to change the energy more permanently, Beautiful Habitat can help you create a design plan. Contact Us today.

For more Spring Design and Decorating inspiration, check out the following posts:

Happy Spring!!!

Mixing Brown & Black, Beige & Gray in Design & Decor

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Over the last two years the neutrals of choice have shifted from the brown and beige spectrum to the grays and blacks. Gray tones are hot right now in both interior design and in fashion. If you will be renovating soon, it’s a great time to incorporate more grays and blacks into you home. But what if you completed a remodel or new decorating scheme just a few years ago? Are you worried that your brown-based interiors will look dated? I know that a few of my clients felt that worry, so I imagine you do too. I’ve worked with them on stunning solutions and I want to share those with you.

The good news is that we are talking about neutrals and no neutral is ever “out of style”. Neutrals are classic, timeless and always a good bet for major pieces in your home. They make a great base on which to add color and have longevity. However, if you find yourself working with a very brown and beige base, I have some tips to help you incorporate grays and blacks and blend it all together for a timeless, balanced and livable interior.

This room is a fabulous blend of tan and gray, with touches of black and blue. Perhaps you find yourself with a tan sofa. Paint an accent wall behind it in a striking charcoal gray to really make the sofa contrast against the wall and give the room an update. While this room is primarily neutral, because it is pulling from both the brown spectrum and black spectrum, it is a more dynamic neutral palette. The bold pillow fabrics add a little something extra.


Here we see the same concept: gray walls behind a tan sofa, with a tan jute rug. However, this room also incorporates lovely fabrics that blend the grays and tans. These fabrics, in the drapery and pillows, bring the room and colors together elegantly and seemlessly.

 Contemporary Living Room by Phoenix General Contractors Meritage Homes

If an accent wall or gray walls won’t work in your home, there are still plenty of opportunities to add gray to your beige sofa. One easy tip – add gray accents. In the room below we see gray throw pillows, throw and dining chairs. To punch it up a notch, orange pillows add a little spice. This particular view doesn’t show art or window treatments, but that would be another opportunity to add both the gray and orange for a complete, balanced design scheme.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Winder Gibson Architects

 The interior designer of this room has taken a more combined approach. The furniture pieces are a combination of both grays and beiges. It works so well because the furniture fabrics are in the same tone – not mixing light and dark colors, but an even balance through all pieces. The green accents help to pull the various pieces together in harmony. The warm gray walls and  area rug serve as appropriate backdrops, complimenting the combination.


I actually did several of these tips in my home that we moved from about 4 months ago. I have, admittedly, always favored the black and gray side of them spectrum. However, when we bought that home in 2007 (built in 2005), browns were the hot ticket and the home came with primarily browns, and beiges. Using the base of beige carpet and sandy-hued walls, as well as travertine tiles around the fireplace, I added contrasting gray paint to the mantel. I mixed in a sofa with 2 tones of gray in the fabric and black and gray valances. Now that I had established a neutral base, bright colors were added to compliment the artwork – a colorful cow on a (you guessed it) gray base.

 Interior Designer Broomfield, CO

Beautiful Habitat Interior Design

 Finally, incorporating both browns/beiges and blacks/grays can be done in the more permanently designed areas of you home, not just furniture and decoration. This bathroom design features a soothing balance of gray and tan. It’s earthy and spa-like. It works so well because there are multiple uses of each color. We see gray in the floor tiles and again on the painted walls. Tan was used on the wall tiles, countertop and again on the woven roman shades. The repetition of colors creates a harmony and balance in the space.

 Contemporary Bathroom by Menlo Park Interior Designers & Decorators Sullivan Design Studio

Edited July 30, 2014:

Below is a kitchen remodel completed by Beautiful Habitat in which we mixed browns and blacks for a timeless interior design. The rest of the house is in browns and tans. We purposefully added black to this kitchen update to blend with the house, yet pull in the black. The granite is a beautiful black and brown combination. We mixed black glass tiles and travertine in a custom backsplash design, made more interesting in the vertical installation.

Brown and Black Transitional Kitchen


How have you mixed browns and blacks in your interior?

Exciting Patterns for Every Room | Guest Post

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Hi all! I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for DesignShuffle.com, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers from around the world and their work. My writing focuses on things I’m passionate about: interior design, home furnishings, gardening and art. I’m lucky enough to have a background in art history, auctions, and antiques, and a passion for decorating ideas. Plus, I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. What a fantastic job!

This week I’ll be looking at ways to add exciting patterns for every room in the home. From bold patterned tiles to graphic towels and linens, don’t be afraid to bring patterns into your home. Patterns add interest and style to any space. Be bold, mix and match, and have fun with pattern!

DE Design Coop via

Patterned floors in the kitchen, bath or entry add an extra style element to these rooms. Tile laid in interesting patterns or a herringbone wood floor are interesting twists on these traditional materials.

Coco Cozy via

Patterned tiles… for the bath or kitchen add color as well as pattern to these spaces. Use them on the floor or as a backsplash. Moroccan style tiles are very popular now.

Bedding Chic via

Bold patterned bedding is a smart way to add pattern to the bedroom design. Mix and match it with solids to break up the pattern, or choose a patterned coverlet or duvet.

Design Sponge via

A bold pattern area rug is a smart choice for adding pattern to a dining room, entry, living room, bedroom or even a bathroom design. Indoor/outdoor rugs can add pattern to your porch or deck.

Apartment Therapy via

Wallpaper is the big trend for adding pattern to walls today. Available in a range of patterns, colors and sheens, wallpaper can work in small spaces, like powder rooms, and larger rooms like dining rooms.

Shore Dreams and Beautiful Things via

Colorful patterned bath towels, like these from Amy Butler, can liven up your bath or guest bathroom. Patterned tea towels for the kitchen are a hot trend right now. Other interior design ideas to think about, might include colorful tea towels as guest towels in a powder room.

Rent the Runway via

Curtains in the living room, dining room or bedroom can be the perfect place to add pattern. And they are easily changed if you decide you don’t like the pattern anymore.

Pepper Design via

Pillows, like these ikat patterned pillows from Fabricadabra, are the easiest way to add patterns to any room.
Pattern will add excitement to your décor and your life, start adding it today!

Happy Colors | Pink

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Yes, we are still having fun with Happy Colors here at Beautiful Habitat! The Facebook survey revealed the mother of happy colors – pink. Yes, pink was voted most often as the color that just makes you feel happy. This post features several beautifully designed  and decorated pink spaces to inspire you to incorporate your happy color into your interiors and your everyday!

That’s a whole lotta pink…

Here is a fine collection of spaces that go all out with pink – walls, floors, furniture and more. Do you find your inspiration here?

Luxury Interior Design in Denver ColoradoJonathan Adler

Hotel Inspired Bedroom Design in Denver ColoradoAnd how about Pink Hotel Rooms? This one is the May Fair Hotel in London.

Custom Kitchen Design Boulder ColoradoPink Kitchen! Could you do it? via Kitchen Clarity

Bathroom Design in Boulder ColoradoI can hardly feature a pink kitchen without a pink bath. This is a modern update from the pink bathrooms of the early 1990′s. Mauve toilets are not a good way to do pink bathrooms… ever.  via Grant K Gibson Interior Design

Luxe Bedroom Design Denver ColoradoI vote Designer Betsey Johnson as the queen of pink. Check out her home!

A little less pink, please

These well-decorated spaces have incorporated a little less pink, but still pack in the glamor and fun that pink provides.

Interior Decorator Denver ColoradoIf you’ve visited the Beautiful Habitat blog before, you know that I have a love of painted and papered ceilings. This room is certainly unique with pink ceiling and moldings to accompany white walls. Quite an interior design statement! via Apartment Therapy

Interior Decorator Boulder ColoradoHere is a great example of punching up a neautral room with color. Adding just a pink rug and pink pouf to an all-white bedroom makes an interesting and fun design. via Ohdeedoh

Interior Decorating Boulder ColoradoFollowing the white and pink room is a similar concept of adding pink to gray. This is a beautiful and feminine bedroom design! via Country Living

Outdoor Decorating Boulder ColoradoWhy confine your happiness to the indoors? Take your decor, and pink, to the great outdoors. via House Beautiful

Interior Decorating Denver ColoradoIf you’re not ready to commit to pink, or it doesn’t work with other selections that you’ve made for your home, you can always get a shot of happiness from some fresh pink flowers.

Let’s go all the way!

Holiday Decorating Denver ColoradoIf you truly love pink and want to go well outside of the box, how about a pink Christmas? This room, via Toby Fairly, is not just a pink holiday, but on top of a very bold interior decorating plan of pink, pink, pink.

For more on the Happy Color Series, read on:

Is your happy color missing? Drop me a line about the color you turn to to brighten your day, wardrobe or interiors, and I’ll be happy to include it!

Star Studded Furnishings| Guest Post

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Hi all! I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for DesignShuffle.com, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers from around the world and their work. My writing focuses on things I’m passionate about: interior design, home furnishings, gardening and art. I’m lucky enough to have a background in art history, auctions, and antiques, and a passion for decorating ideas. Plus, I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. What a fantastic job!

This week I’m focusing on the new trend of star studded furniture. Well, not real stars for the most part. Swarovski crystal studded furniture is a hot trend in high end designs these days, from kitchens to bedrooms to living room designs. We first started seeing crystal studded furnishing in 2009 and we’re continuing to see this market expand. From tufted leather ottomans studded with crystals to crystal embellished pillows, you can add a little or a lot of bling to your décor with diamond studded furnishings.

Born Rich via

Only for the bold, the Diamond Collection by Edra is a furniture line with special Kevlar type material covered in Swarovski crystals for an all over sparkle.

Neamarie via

Slightly more subtle is the diamond embellished Crystal Collection from Finkeldei, a German company. Crystals are added as accents to arms and tufting on upholstered pieces.

Born Rich via

Deep red upholstery with a snakeskin pattern is offset with Swarovski cystal accents. We have to admit, we really like the crystal studded pillows. Just a tiny touch of bling.

Scarlet Opus via

A little bling can go a long way. Love how glamorous this upholstered headboard feels with Diamond Head studs replacing the traditional nail head trim.

Born Rich via

Born Rich, a luxury lifestyle blog, is a great source for diamond and crystal studded home décor. One of these mirrors would definitely add glamour to a powder room or entry.

Furniteka.com via

Love the high polished chrome legs on this diamond studded yellow ottoman or footstool. Doesn’t it inspire a few interior design ideas of your own?

Furniteka.com via

Like the footstool above, this chair is from the same crystal studded collection by Bretz.

Iransdesign via

A line of crystal embellished tables and leather upholstered furnishings from the Italian design firm of Fiorentino.

What do you think about this trend? Is it something you’ll add to your home?

This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world – from Chicago Interior Designers, San Francisco Interior Designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle!

Happy Colors | Orange

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Continuing on our topic of colors that make you happy, today we are on Orange.  I love to use orange in rooms and agree that it is a happy color.  It’s a warm and vibrant color that combines the happiness of yellow with the energy of red.

One of my favorite interior design plans features orange and has been seen in the Beautiful Habitat blog before in Spring Inspired Rooms.

Colorado Interior Design

Like last week’s post which featured purple as our happy color, orange can by used in different intensities for very different results.

As a wall color paired with neutrals.

Vibrant Interior Design in Coloradovia Classic With a Twist

Bold Interior Design in Coloradovia Bright Bazaar

As a bold accent color

Bold Bedroom Design Bouldervia Beautiful Habitat Interior Design & Decoration

Custom Bathroom Design in Denver Coloradovia Martha Stewart

Vibrant Interior Design in Denver Coloradovia A Blonde & a Brunette

Interior Decorating in Boulder Coloradovia My Home Ideas

Interior Design in Boulder Coloradovia House to Home

Traditional Interior Design with a Twistvia FLIK by Design

And rooms that just go all out with Orange

Bold Interior Design in DenverFrom Sixx Designs via Desire to Inspire

Modern Interior Design in Denvervia House to Home

Older Posts that feature Orange Interiors and Decor:

Have you ever used or considered using orange in your home decor? Share with us here, or on Facebook.

Happy Colors|Purple

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I recently asked the Beautiful Habitat Facebook friends “what color make you happiest?” It was meant to be a Friday brain-break, but the answers inspired me to include their happy colors in a few blog posts. My philosophy has always been to follow what you love to inspire your interiors. If a color makes you happy, use it in your home. This can be intimidating, but I hope these Happy Color posts will inspire you to find ways to incorporate your own happy color into your home decor.

Today we’ll take a look at purple in interior design and decorating.

A Little Purple

Purple is a great accent color. Try purple in throw pillows, vases and accessories, artwork, window treatments, or perhaps a small table or accent chair. Use it to spice up neutrals, or in combination with another bold color.

Interior Designer in Denver

Denver Interior DesignVia Belle Maison

Interior Designer in Boulder, Coloradovia Colour Me Happy

A Lot of Purple

Purple works equally well in large doses. These rooms take purple all the way. Here think wall color, bedding, and larger furniture… or all of the above.

Interior Decorator In Denvervia Afflatus

Purple Interiorsvia House Beautiful and also featured in the previous post An Ode to Banquettes

Luxury Interior Design Denvervia We Heart It

Professioanl Interior Design in Coloradovia Design Sponge

Room Decor Coloradovia Afflatus

In reality, you may be living with someone that doesn’t love your happy color as much as you do.  But there are still ways to bring in that happiness with out a huge commitment. Try some purple flowers in any room.

artwork and accessories Boulder Colorado

Master Suite Design Colorado

What color makes you happiest? Do you use it in your home? Share with us on Facebook and look for more Happy Colors posts coming soon.

Small Changes Can Make Big Happys

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I’ve recently made some small functional changes around my home and, although I knew they would make life feel better, I didn’t realize how happy they’d actually make me. While I don’t normally blog about me and my home, I think many people can relate to this story and draw inspiration from it. Allow me to be your case study for no longer settling for the little things that annoy you around your home!

Change #1: The Shower Head

About 2 months ago, we changed out the shower head. The old shower head had terrible water pressure and was a little leaky. It had gotten worse over time until a shower felt like this…

After one particularly low pressure and unpleasant shower, I had had enough and marched myself to the bathroom showroom. After about $100 in an upgraded shower head and 5 minutes of labor, my next shower felt like this…

I’m not exaggerating. It was wonderful. The new shower head made me ridiculously happy.  The actual change is really more like this…

Change #2: Sofa Cushions

The current sofa is something we purchased prior to my embarking on the design gig. It’s before I had access to all the lovely showrooms and manufacturers that I now bring to my clients. It’s from a well-known retail store. While it looks nice and has a well chosen fabric, the quality is not of the highest caliber, particularly the cushions along the back of the sofa. Below is a cushion insert. It is a just bag of loose fiber-fill. The result was a cushion that drooped and looked sloppy and, more importantly, was unsupportive and uncomfortable.

For $200, I had new inserts made for the sofa back by an upholstery supply company. These are made as a good sofa should be – with a supportive upholstery foam, envelope-wrapped in a down or fiber-fill.

This little change has made me love the sofa all over again. The cushions now sit upright and look tailored and the proper back support makes it comfortable.

The shower and the sofa were two little things that annoyed me a little bit each day. Those little annoyances start to build until you are no longer enjoying your home. And your home is the one place in this world you should never be annoyed, but should find pure joy, peace and relaxation.  For $300 I was able to resolve these nit-picky items and fall in love with my bath room and family room again. These small changes have given me big happy’s in my home again.

What’s bugging you in your home? I encourage you to change it. It can enhance your life and your daily routine. And if I can help you with those changes, you know where to reach me.

An Ode to Banquettes

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ban-quette, noun
ba?-?ket, ban-, 1b is also ?ba?-k?t
a. a long upholstered bench
b. a sofa having one roll-over arm
c. a built-in usually upholstered bench along a wall

I love banquettes. They provide a functional seating area, with more interest than your typical sofa or chairs. While often built-in, they can also be an armless sofa at the dining table or simple window seat. Enjoy this collection of a few of my favorite banquettes.

A New Orleans home, by designer Melissa Rufty, cleverly uses the space under the staircase with a custom built-in banquette. So much more inviting than a sofa! House Beautiful Magazine.

This breakfast nook by Mary McDonald,features a bench/window seat style banquette. As she says, “It brings a nice feeling to any place where you’re going to want to sit and get cozy”  Veranda Magazine.
Not a built-in, but definitely qualifies as a banquette and an interesting seating arrangement. Celerie Kimble, House Beautiful Magazine.
Banquette at Old Charm Bed & Breakfast in PA. Read about it at Michael, the Innkeepers blog, Inspired by Charm.

Above and below: this tiny apartment has brilliantly adapted the banquette to maximize use and space. It serves as a sofa (above) and a dining area (below). Read more about this little purple gem at House Beautiful.
Above and below – the Colorado Home of the Year 2010, by Andrea Schumacher at O Interior Design, features 2 banquettes in the dining room (above) and nook (below).  Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

Above and below: the Banquette that inspired this whole blog post. Designer Tobi Fairly added this very dramatic tufted banquette as comfortable alternative seating in this dining room. I’d say that is as interesting as any art piece, and more functional. House Beautiful Magazine.

Do you notice anything else wonderful about these banquettes? How about those mixed up pillows?

Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration www.beautifulhabitat.com

Mix up Those Pillows – Texture & Pattern

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My last post was all about mixing up the color, texture and pattern in your throw pillows for a bigger impact. Mix up Those Pillows.One way to create an impact, in what some may call a more “sophisticated” or formal way is to stay within a similar color scheme, but really play up texture and pattern.

This beautiful blue room by Tobi Fairley creates interest with faux fur pillows. House Beautiful 
Two above photos are by Hallberg & Wisley from Veranda.Both are great examples of pattern and texture adding interest in a neutral palette.
Great textural pillows from David Lawrence in House Beautiful.
 An energetic monochromatic scheme, using a variety of pattern by Frances Schultz, House Beautiful

For more tips on using pattern in fabrics and upholstery, see the post Making a Statement with Upholstery

Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration www.beautifulhabitat.com

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