Love it or Leave it| Sofa at the Foot of the Bed

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The bench at the foot of the bed – it’s a staple in bedroom design, particularly in master bedrooms. It’s the perfect spot to put on your shoes, decorative bedcovers can be folded down onto the bench, it helps to fill the space in larger rooms. I’ve even been known to add a bench in rooms designed by Beautiful Habitat.

Custom Bedding Design by Tennille Wood, Denver CO

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Lately I’m seeing the bench replaced by sofas, settees and chairs – furniture pieces with backs.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

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And then I started to see sofas morph into full seating areas such a this room below.

Luxury Interior Design Colorado

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What do you think of this trend? Love it – it’s an out of the box use of the space; it creates more function; it uses the space better? Or leave it – it closes off the room too much; it distracts from the bed; I’m not holding board meetings in my bedroom? What are your thoughts of sofas (or other furniture with backs) and seating areas at the foot of the bed?

Interior Decoratorin  Denver

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Interior Designer Boulder, CO

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Bedroom seating area

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Bold Interior Design Denver, CO

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Interior Decorator Colorado

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Interior Designer Tips

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Custom Interior Design In Colorado

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Small Space Design Tips

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Mixing Brown & Black, Beige & Gray in Design & Decor

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Over the last two years the neutrals of choice have shifted from the brown and beige spectrum to the grays and blacks. Gray tones are hot right now in both interior design and in fashion. If you will be renovating soon, it’s a great time to incorporate more grays and blacks into you home. But what if you completed a remodel or new decorating scheme just a few years ago? Are you worried that your brown-based interiors will look dated? I know that a few of my clients felt that worry, so I imagine you do too. I’ve worked with them on stunning solutions and I want to share those with you.

The good news is that we are talking about neutrals and no neutral is ever “out of style”. Neutrals are classic, timeless and always a good bet for major pieces in your home. They make a great base on which to add color and have longevity. However, if you find yourself working with a very brown and beige base, I have some tips to help you incorporate grays and blacks and blend it all together for a timeless, balanced and livable interior.

This room is a fabulous blend of tan and gray, with touches of black and blue. Perhaps you find yourself with a tan sofa. Paint an accent wall behind it in a striking charcoal gray to really make the sofa contrast against the wall and give the room an update. While this room is primarily neutral, because it is pulling from both the brown spectrum and black spectrum, it is a more dynamic neutral palette. The bold pillow fabrics add a little something extra.


Here we see the same concept: gray walls behind a tan sofa, with a tan jute rug. However, this room also incorporates lovely fabrics that blend the grays and tans. These fabrics, in the drapery and pillows, bring the room and colors together elegantly and seemlessly.

 Contemporary Living Room by Phoenix General Contractors Meritage Homes

If an accent wall or gray walls won’t work in your home, there are still plenty of opportunities to add gray to your beige sofa. One easy tip – add gray accents. In the room below we see gray throw pillows, throw and dining chairs. To punch it up a notch, orange pillows add a little spice. This particular view doesn’t show art or window treatments, but that would be another opportunity to add both the gray and orange for a complete, balanced design scheme.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Winder Gibson Architects

 The interior designer of this room has taken a more combined approach. The furniture pieces are a combination of both grays and beiges. It works so well because the furniture fabrics are in the same tone – not mixing light and dark colors, but an even balance through all pieces. The green accents help to pull the various pieces together in harmony. The warm gray walls and  area rug serve as appropriate backdrops, complimenting the combination.


I actually did several of these tips in my home that we moved from about 4 months ago. I have, admittedly, always favored the black and gray side of them spectrum. However, when we bought that home in 2007 (built in 2005), browns were the hot ticket and the home came with primarily browns, and beiges. Using the base of beige carpet and sandy-hued walls, as well as travertine tiles around the fireplace, I added contrasting gray paint to the mantel. I mixed in a sofa with 2 tones of gray in the fabric and black and gray valances. Now that I had established a neutral base, bright colors were added to compliment the artwork – a colorful cow on a (you guessed it) gray base.

 Interior Designer Broomfield, CO

Beautiful Habitat Interior Design

 Finally, incorporating both browns/beiges and blacks/grays can be done in the more permanently designed areas of you home, not just furniture and decoration. This bathroom design features a soothing balance of gray and tan. It’s earthy and spa-like. It works so well because there are multiple uses of each color. We see gray in the floor tiles and again on the painted walls. Tan was used on the wall tiles, countertop and again on the woven roman shades. The repetition of colors creates a harmony and balance in the space.

 Contemporary Bathroom by Menlo Park Interior Designers & Decorators Sullivan Design Studio

Edited July 30, 2014:

Below is a kitchen remodel completed by Beautiful Habitat in which we mixed browns and blacks for a timeless interior design. The rest of the house is in browns and tans. We purposefully added black to this kitchen update to blend with the house, yet pull in the black. The granite is a beautiful black and brown combination. We mixed black glass tiles and travertine in a custom backsplash design, made more interesting in the vertical installation.

Brown and Black Transitional Kitchen


How have you mixed browns and blacks in your interior?

Client Stories: Wisteria Lane

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The Wisteria Lane project is one on which I had so much fun. It was a whole house redesign and my clients were really kind and were such fun to work with. They had recently moved into a newer home, with a very neutral beige base. After living in the home for a few months, they found that not only did their old furniture not work well, they were just tired of it and of the purple and green color scheme. They wanted a fresh start that better suited the new home and their current lifestyle.

We started the interior design project by defining a new color palette. Both parties particularly like Blues and Golds, so that decision was an easy one. While my clients have a more traditional style, they did want it comfortable and updated with more modern fabrics and patterns. Next, it was on to each room, defining the pains, wants, and needs, then finding solutions that were both functional and aesthetic.

Family Room

The family room is the hub of this family home. The first request was for enough seating for the whole family to be together. The second was for leather – easier to clean and more durable with small children and pets in the home.

Interior Designer Broomfield CO

The inspiration was this beautiful fabric, which we incorporated into the custom  draperies. The fabric definitely met the color requirements, but is also a modernized floral design, which makes it more transitional. Draperies were added in each room to soften the harsh lines of the plantation shutters.

Custom Window Treatments in Colorado

Another request from the clients was more functional storage for the TV and components. We removed the old drywall “TV hole” and added this custom built-in cabinet. It gives this wall a greater presence and can accommodate a larger television in the future. The TV components and kids DVDs are nicely stored away.

Interior Design and built-ins

Living Room

My client’s primary request for the Living Room was to highlight the mountain view, which is only seen from this front bay window of the home. To best highlight it, we “framed” it with a custom valance and window seat. Now the view can be enjoyed from the window seat or the two chairs.

The window seat adds functional seating to an otherwise awkward space. As a bonus, the kids like to use it as a stage for performances.

Window Seat Addition

My clients recently told me that they just love this room and will often enjoy morning coffee on these chairs. Knowing that they now love and use a room that they didn’t use before is the best compliment a Designer can receive.

Interior Designer Products

Interior Decoration Broomfield CO

The second request was to work in the piano, which was a sentimental family piece. We topped it with new artwork and accessories to pull the whole room together.

Interior Design Details

Dining Room

The design project here was to simply work with the antique dining set, another important family piece.

Interior Design Solutions

We reupholstered the cushions in a fun new fabric that is still kid-friendly. This fabric is another “modernized traditional”. It is traditional in nature, but not so serious. Perfect for our decor plan. The upholsterer found 3 different layers of fabric covering these chairs over it’s long history.

We added new art and accessories to compliment our blue and gold palette.

Interior Designer Colorado

The room was completed with custom drapery using the same fabrics as the Living Room valance. This ties the two rooms and two bay windows together for a cohesive look. A good Interior Design plan coordinates elements throughout different spaces.

Window Treatment Design Colorado

Master Bedroom

We continued the blue and gold color palette into the Master Bedroom for a sophisticated retreat.

Interior Decorator Colorado

His request was for a nice reading nook. We added a comfortable leather chair and ottoman.

Master Suite Design

New artwork, bedding and custom window treatments complete the home makeover on Wisteria Lane.

Interior Styling Colorado

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