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Style Trends: Textured Tiles

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Recently I’ve been working on several bathroom remodels and a few fireplace remodels/refacing as well. That has me shopping for tiles often. And in spending so much time in tile stores, the reps have been showing me the latest and greatest new things coming into their showrooms. One trend that I am seeing is more and more of is that of textured and 3D tiles. Luxury Interior Design


Textured tiles are hot and the varieties in shapes, patterns and colors grows every day. These tiles are created with new manufacturing techniques. As the technology continues to improve, the shapes that these tiles can take becomes virtually endless.

These 2 tiles are from Ann Sacks. The first is the Mousharabia collection designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with a definite historical/Moorish flair. This tile is glazed with a subtle blue over terra cotta. The second tile is the Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection. This tile is a more matte finish, adding to the visible texture. Both tiles really call out to be touched, don’t they?

Luxury Interior Design Products Interior Designer Denver Colorado

These tiles make a beautiful design statement. Even if bold colors or patterns are not for you, a textured tile in a neutral color can add a unique element to your room. The options in textured tiles now range almost as much as regular ol’ flat tiles: traditional to modern, contemporary or historical, an endless range of colors, and textures from glossy and glazed to honed to matte.

Textured and 3D tiles can be used to make a statement on one wall or create an accent in a room, or used en mass, covering the whole room or wall. Check out the beautiful rooms and designs below featuring textured tiles. This should get the inspiration flowing for you.

Modern Interior Design Boulder, CO via Porcelanosa

Modern Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado

via Porcelanosa

Kitchen Design in Colorado


Designer Tiles for Bathroom Design

via Ann Sacks Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection

Batheroom Designer Denver Colorado I just specified this tile below for a bathroom design in Denver. The texture is subtle, but spread over a wall like this makes a beautiful statement. Bathroom Design in Highlands Denver CO

via Capco Tile

Based on this display at the ICFF Design Show, the options in textured tiles may be unlimited and this trend may be around for a while. Interior Design Trends

via Design Milk

Love it or Leave it | Lacquered Wood Paneling in Bold Hues

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I’m seeing lacquered walls and wood paneling everywhere these days. The beauty of lacquered walls is that they fit equally well in modern and traditional room decor. Lacquering a serious library in a not-so-serious color can modernize and relax a space, making it more inviting a family friendly. On the other hand, lacquered rooms can create a traditional and sophisticated design.

Lacquered walls are definitley on trend right now and I want to know – do you love it or leave it?

While all lacquered spaces are hot right now, I’m seeing these rooms primarily in blue tones. Blue is hot, lacquer is hot… makes perfect sense to meld the two together.

Professional Interior Design Advice

via House Beautiful

Interior Decorating Denver CO

via HGTV

Bold Interior Decorating

via Better Homes and Gardens

Interior Designer Boulder CO

via Veranda

Best Decorating Advice

via Architectural Digest

Interior Decorator Colorado


While blue seems to be popular everywhere, and especially in lacquered walls, I am also seeing lacquer in other bold colors with stunning results. Blue is a little more serious. The following rooms, however, and bold, relaxed and FUN.

Colorful Interior Design Plans

via Pinterest

Bold Professional Decorating


Bold Interior Decorating Boulder

via The Painted Furniture


And finally a gray tone is a bit more calm, but still equally breathtaking in result.

Traditional Interior Decorating Denver

via Twelve Chairs

 What do you think of lacquered paneling in place of stained wood? Do you love it or would you leave it? Do you have wood paneling that you would lacquer? What color would you do?

I’ll admit, I absolutely love this look. We have a library space in our new home and I would love to lacquer the whole room. I’m not sure if I can squeeze that out of my remodel budget… Stay tuned for more on that.

Bring Two Decorating Styles Together | Guest Post

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Compromise can be hard, especially when it comes to clashing styles of home décor. I have a very vintage and bold style and would prefer to have my house look like it could be in an episode of Mad Men.  Meanwhile my fiancé has more of a modern and simplistic style in mind. We are in the process of putting together our home which at first seemed impossible, but we learned a few things about making the two styles mesh.

Let each other win with the small things.

Make each room decidedly vintage or modern, but with splashes of its opposite thrown in. If your living room has vintage furniture and bolder colors on the walls, hang metal frames for a touch of modern art on the walls. This will make for a smooth transition from room to room as you negotiate each major theme per room.

Incorporate candles simplistically to add warmth

Candles easily add class to any interior design project. They can bring a lot of warmth to what I see as the cold modern style that my husband likes.  Our dining room is more of the modern style, so we put a cluster of three pillar candles (QuickCandles.com has neat green ones) as a centerpiece to add warmth.

Interior Designer Tips

If the room you are decorating is primarily vintage, get some metallic modern candle holders to mix the two styles.

Color the walls according to one style, and get appliances agreeing with the other.

If you happen to have furniture that is decorative and vintage, keep the walls neutral and modern. This is a very simple way to compromise and make both people happy. The lime green in this kitchen design brings a very vintage look to this otherwise modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Boulder

©Design Sponge

The biggest piece of advice I have is to relax and keep an open mind.  Our styles have slowly started to blend together and look more like close relatives rather than complete strangers.  When we first started combining our things into the same home, everything seemed to clash and provoke headaches. Thankfully, that is becoming less and less the case and our separate décor styles are working together in harmony.

About the author: Carmen Denny can’t believe that she’s finally engaged! In between wedding planning she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, bike riding and of course, more wedding planning. She writes while drooling over choices for wedding candle sets and other decorative pieces for QuickCandles.com.

Painted Brick – Love it or Leave it?

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Bricks in your interiors. Some people consider it an architectural bonus that adds character. Others consider it a nuisance to be designed around or over. Granted, this may be partially determined by whether you have beautiful red Victorian brick, or 1970′s brown and tan brick. Or whether your style ventures more modern or traditional.

Of many of the Love It or Leave It topics I’ve raised before, painted brick seems a bit more deeply divided. So I want your opinion. Painted bricks (inside) do you love it or would you leave it?

Luxury Home Decor and Design Coloradovia Pinterest

Interior Decorator Tipsvia craftytexasgirls.com

Interior Design Ideasvia Simply Beautiful Now

Interior Decorator Denver COvia ehow.com

Home Office Design Tips

via A Perfect Gray

Modern Interior Design Boulder CO

via Pinterest


Prepare Your Dining Room for Entertaining

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The Holidays are coming, the Holidays are coming!

That’s right. It’s Dining Room season in the world of Interior Designers. It’s time to think about that new dining room design if you want to have it ready to go for your holiday dinners, parties and lots of entertaining. Whether you are in need of a full blown make-over, or just a little refresh, I’ve got some tips for you to consider for your Dining Room Design.

Interior Decorator Rooms

via Pinterest


The foundation of your dining room is the table. I prefer a pedestal table to a traditional table with four legs. The pedestal provides more flexibility when entertaining larger parties.

Interior Designer Advice

via New England Home

Don’t forget to top your table with a fabulous table setting to welcome guests and set the mood.

Interior Decorator Boulder CO



Notice, I said “upholstery”, not just “chairs”. Dining chairs should be upholstered, whether just the seat, or the whole chair. Dining chairs should be comfortable and invite guest to linger long after dinner has been served.

Modern Dining Room Decor

via House of TurquoiseProfessional Interior Decorating Denvervia Pinterest


Dining Rooms deserve fabulous lighting and it must be on a dimmer! If you’ve got a larger dining room or table, don’t do a round chandelier in the center or your host and hostess will be in the dark. Take a cue from this Red dining room below – two lights are better than one.

Colorado Best Interior Designers

via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Stunning Interior Design

via aesthetically-thinking


Do you have a large dining room? Lucky you. This is a great opportunity to beautifully display your pieces, or to set up additional surfaces for meal serving.

Peach and Blue Dining Room

via Beautiful Habitat


If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your dining room, dress it up!

Interior Decorating Tips

via Pinterest

Wall Treatments

Create a stunning focal point with dramatic wall treatments or artwork.

Bold Interior Designer Colorado

via Pinterest

Good Dining Room Design

via Houzz


Don’t forget the Ceiling

I love a ceiling with something other than white paint. (see previous posts) Your Dining Room is a great room to add pizazz on the ceiling.

Fresh Interior Design  Denver

via Marcus Design

Desigers Block

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I have Designers Block! I am completely stuck on a project.The silver lining is that it’s for my own house. Having Designers Block for a client project would be a much bigger problem and I’d be in a full blown panic.

This has happened before – and always on my own house. I also hear this from other Interior Designers. It can be difficult to design your own home – for Interior Designers or for anyone. Sometimes we are just too close to the issues to be able to see the best solution. This is why many people hire me, after all. As a Deign Professional, part of the problem is that we are aware of ALL the amazing and beautiful materials, manufacturers and possibilities on the market. With so many options available, it can be difficult to stop looking at every single one. Another problem is that we don’t treat our own homes with the same time and attention that we do a client project. We squeeze it in over lunch or at 10:00 at night. I am guilty of all of the above and as a result I am totally stuck with a pink powder room.

The Problem Space: The Powder Room

You may remember this beauty from my post of all the Before photos of the new house.

Bathroom Designer makeover

I’m not totally directionless here. I do have a vision. I’m just having a hard time finding the perfect pieces for this vision.

The Vision: Just a really cool gold wallpaper, please.

The floor in the powder room is great – a nice travertine tile with brass accents. As you may recall from previous posts, Gold is back and I’m embracing it. My design vision includes a fun, modern wallpaper with gold accents to highlight the gold, yet modernize the space and make it a bit less serious.

Bathroom Tile Design

Alas, the perfect wallpaper has proved elusive. I have, unfortunately, found that a lot of “gold” wallpaper really reads more like an army green in person. Or the design reads as too traditional, or I’ve simply been underwhelmed.

Interior Designer Products

So I find myself stuck and the powder room is at a total hault. The solution is to just walk away, which is MUCH easier said than done. I resolve not to think about the bathroom design until inspiration strikes.

Do you have a design block in your home? I’d be happy to help you. Selfishly, it will take my mind off of my own powder room! Share your block here or on facebook.

5 Tips for Creating the Nursery of your Dreams | Guest Post

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Having a baby is such an exciting time to say the least. One of the things people look forward to is decorating that nursery. Perhaps you have ideas, perhaps you don’t. Maybe the cost you see makes it feel overwhelming. The secret is to start early and avoid buying everything at once. But what things should you buy? What things to borrow? Where to put it all? What colors are great for babies? Well, here are my tips:



  • You may not realize that babies can only see in black and white with gray shades for the first several months and it is reported that the first color they do see is red. Does that mean you should paint the nursery red? No. The softer colors are soothing. It should be a happy space that you both love to be in together.
  • When choosing a color, think about the future as well. How many times do you want to redecorate? What colors are easiest for you to cover with primer and new paint? On the flipside of that, what fun are plain white walls?
  • If you don’t have one theme you are sticking to, neutral colors, earthy colors are calming and soothing. A color like yellow can translate to any gender and the right shade can feel like sunshine making the room feel warm and bright. You can also mix your décor and not have to stick to a theme.
  • Have a point of inspiration. Find a blanket, a little sleeper, or a piece of furniture to be your source of ideas.


Creative Décor:


  • Some people prefer a more traditional look and some like a modern twist to fit with the rest of the home. One thing that is the same in either case is to be creative in your efforts.
  • <a href=”http://www.megaprint.com/wallpaper.php”>Custom wallpaper</a> using your own artwork is a great way to create a focal point. What? You don’t paint? That is okay, because most photography works. Have a shot of that babbling brook in the sunshine with green ferns surrounding it? Use it! There are few better rooms than the nursery to create a natural, calm and soothing environment.
  • Start a “growing wall”. Start with an ultrasound photo and add photos as the child grows older. It is inevitable that you may be moving that to your living area (not many teens like seeing all their baby pictures in their room).
  • Frame your own baby photo, the father’s baby photo and your new baby’s photo and display them together.
  • Use vinyl decals to create a mural and really improve the atmosphere with large scale images that will capture baby’s attention.
  • Subway art is a very bold and unique way to bring your child into the room. Many pieces display the child’s name, weight, height, and date of birth.




  • Leave your options open when it comes to lighting. There will times you require more light and times that you will want it more quiet.
  • Dimmer switches make it easy to change the atmosphere with the turn of a dial. If you want to rock baby to sleep, turn down the lights. When you are playing, lights are on bright.
  • Small lamps can yield a low wattage light and keeps the light soft, being diffused by a shade.
  • For nighttime feedings and diaper changes, an LED nightlight can put off a lot of light.
  • Create a unique lighting ensemble such as lighted paper lanterns in a corner.
  • Use blinds and curtains on the window. Blinds will allow in plenty of light when open or lifted and drapes will cut out a lot of light for daytime naps. Using them in conjunction with each other gives you the best of all worlds. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it functions well for your needs.





  • There is no right and wrong flooring choice.
  • Hardwood is a popular choice for cleanliness and durability. However, some parents are not sure about the comfort of it in a child’s room.
  • Hardwood is easy for cleanup of spills and accidents.
  • Carpet is soft for playtime yet it doesn’t have the life of hardwood and it is hard to keep dirt and allergens out of the fibers.
  • Rugs are a great alternative to wall to wall carpet. You can vacuum them and take them outside to shake the dirt out.




  • There are staple bits of furniture you find in all nurseries. Whatever you choose, keep it neutral and able to grow with your child.
  • Borrowing a crib or a swing from a friend will be more budget friendly and as long as all the pieces are present and no safety hazards pop up, you are good to go.
  • Many parents prefer to have a bassinet for baby when they are brand new. This can roll anywhere in the house for convenience. Some pack and play sets have a bassinet insert that can be used when baby is very small and then removed to use the playpen. However, playpens should not be used as a crib. They are portable, temporary bedding solutions.
  • Many changing tables can be converted to dressers. If you choose to not use a changing table, a bookshelf with cloth bins for drawers can be substituted for easy organization and access. Being able to grab a diaper with one hand will be a task mastered by most parents!
  • Being able to play music for your child will encourage their brains to develop in great ways. Music stimulation and reading are the two best ways to prepare your baby for a lifetime of learning. An iPod docking station, CD player or a radio that plays nature sounds works well.
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself either. A comfortable chair for feedings or rocking the baby to sleep is essential. The quiet time you spend together is worth every bonding moment.
  • Never place pillows in your baby’s crib. It has been linked to SIDS in small babies as have bumper pads. There should always be a sheet on the plastic mattress to avoid suffocation. Blankets can move and shift until your baby is lying directly on the plastic.

Your decorating options are limitless when you browse and look at all the products and furnishings that are available in today’s world. Simple is always better, yet unique and bold can still be considered simple when done correctly. Put some thought into what you are about to do. Many themes get old after a short time. Choose well and have a lot of fun welcoming that new addition into your life!

Chris Garrett is a large format printing expert and freelance writer for the custom printed wallpaper expert Megaprint.com. He frequently blogs on the topics of design and printing.

Love it or Leave it – Black Walls

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Black – the darkest of dark colors. In many cases it’s a staple – a stable and safe bet. In other applications it’s bold and daring. Would you paint your walls black? Would you dare cover the largest surface in any room in black? Black walls – do you love it or would you leave it?

Interior Designer Denver Colorado

Interior Designer Boulder Colorado

Bathroom Design Boulder Colorado

Interior Decorator Denver Colorado

Bold Bathroom Design Denver Colorado

Let me know your thoughts – love it or leave it?

Maybe black is just too much for you, or not your color. Check out my previous post Interior Design Trends: Dark Blue Walls. It’s lovely.

Exciting Patterns for Every Room | Guest Post

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Hi all! I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for DesignShuffle.com, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers from around the world and their work. My writing focuses on things I’m passionate about: interior design, home furnishings, gardening and art. I’m lucky enough to have a background in art history, auctions, and antiques, and a passion for decorating ideas. Plus, I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. What a fantastic job!

This week I’ll be looking at ways to add exciting patterns for every room in the home. From bold patterned tiles to graphic towels and linens, don’t be afraid to bring patterns into your home. Patterns add interest and style to any space. Be bold, mix and match, and have fun with pattern!

DE Design Coop via

Patterned floors in the kitchen, bath or entry add an extra style element to these rooms. Tile laid in interesting patterns or a herringbone wood floor are interesting twists on these traditional materials.

Coco Cozy via

Patterned tiles… for the bath or kitchen add color as well as pattern to these spaces. Use them on the floor or as a backsplash. Moroccan style tiles are very popular now.

Bedding Chic via

Bold patterned bedding is a smart way to add pattern to the bedroom design. Mix and match it with solids to break up the pattern, or choose a patterned coverlet or duvet.

Design Sponge via

A bold pattern area rug is a smart choice for adding pattern to a dining room, entry, living room, bedroom or even a bathroom design. Indoor/outdoor rugs can add pattern to your porch or deck.

Apartment Therapy via

Wallpaper is the big trend for adding pattern to walls today. Available in a range of patterns, colors and sheens, wallpaper can work in small spaces, like powder rooms, and larger rooms like dining rooms.

Shore Dreams and Beautiful Things via

Colorful patterned bath towels, like these from Amy Butler, can liven up your bath or guest bathroom. Patterned tea towels for the kitchen are a hot trend right now. Other interior design ideas to think about, might include colorful tea towels as guest towels in a powder room.

Rent the Runway via

Curtains in the living room, dining room or bedroom can be the perfect place to add pattern. And they are easily changed if you decide you don’t like the pattern anymore.

Pepper Design via

Pillows, like these ikat patterned pillows from Fabricadabra, are the easiest way to add patterns to any room.
Pattern will add excitement to your décor and your life, start adding it today!

Love it or Leave it | One Pattern Everywhere?

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Some argue that using one pattern on multiple surfaces in a room creates an optical illusion of spaciousness. But I want to know, would you Love it or Leave it? Do you have a tiny room? Would you try this to create spaciousness?

Bathroom Design Boulder ColoradoTraditional Interior Decorating Denver ColoradoTraditional Interior Design Denver ColoradoNursery Design Boulder ColoradoInterior Decorating Boulder ColoradoTraditional Interior Design Denver Colorado

All Photos via Pinterest

What are your thoughts: Love it or Leave it?

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