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How to Mix Patterns Like An Interior Design Expert

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Mix Patterns Like an Expert

Mixing patterns in interior design {and in fashion} can be daunting. However, it’s not as scary as you may think. There are really just 3 simple rules that you need to follow to pull it off successfully and create a beautifully balanced room.

1. Find the common thread (no pun intended)

A successful design scheme and pattern combination requires a unifying element. Typically this is a unifying color. Often, you can find one pattern that has all of the colors in it, and build others around it. Or you may have fabrics with two or three common colors running throughout. This common element is critical to pulling the fabrics together.

The combination below has magenta pink as the strong unifying element in all of the five patterns (4 pillows and 1 wallpaper). Turquoise blue is the second unifying element because it repeats in three of the five patterns.

Tips From Interior Designer

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2. Vary the scale {size} of pattern

Successful pattern mixing includes variations in the scale of the patterns. If the scale of each pattern is the same, the combination will just look busy. However, when the scale of the patterns vary, it is stimulating and cohesive.

The combination below uses a large scale floral (also the unifying fabric), mixed with a medium scale gray chevron and a small scale coral Greek key. The result is a successfully balanced and beautiful bedroom color scheme.


via Caitlin Willson Textiles

3. Vary the style of the patterns

To make pattern mixing truly interesting, you’ve got to mix up the pattern style or motif. For best results, this includes mixing curves with lines or graphics with floral or dots with stripes. In this example from the Kelly Wearstler collection, there is a harmony in the styles. The headboard fabric is graphic and linear, mixed with two different small-scale dot fabrics, while the wallpaper and larger pillow both have a more organic, flowing design.


6a7b429814f7a208ce718bb30827e964via aphrochic.com

These same rules apply in fashion.

Mix Pattern Like an Interior Designer

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Interior Design Tips

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Although, outside of Gossip Girl, rarely can we get five different patterns on a single body.

Mix Patterns Like a Bad Ass

Let’s go back to more luscious interiors full of bold, playful pattern mixing…

Don’t forget that rugs, wallpaper and artwork all contribute “pattern” to your room and design scheme. Blow, the rug adds the largest scale element to the mix.


via mixandchic.com

And here we have both the rug and the artwork contributing to the layers of pattern in this room.

Interior Designer Denver Colorado

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Interior Designer Boulder Colorado

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via inspired-design.tumblr.com

Interior Designer Exclusive Fabrics

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If you’re still feeling hesitant about mixing pattern in your home, look to high-end and interior design fabric websites for further inspiration, or contact an interior designer for help.

Pattern Mixing Inspiration:



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Creating a Grand Entry

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Regardless of the size of your Foyer, every entry should be GRAND.

The entry is your welcome. It is your first impression. It is an opportunity to tell the story of who you are, what you are about, and establish a tone for your guests.

The following post covers the elements of good foyer design. I live and Colorado for most of my clients, the primary family entry is through the garage (and we love a good mudroom because of it). Consequently, the foyer is really for guests. Therefore I’m addressing it as such. If you live in a city, you may be the primary user of the front entry. These tips still apply, but you likely need quite a bit of storage as well.

Good Lighting

The obvious lighting choice is in the form of a chandelier or pendant. Something eye-catching is always welcome here. However, you also need to ensure adequate light levels for activities and creating a welcoming environment.

Best Foyer Design Advice

viaTips for Foyer Design


However, if the overhead lighting is not enough, I’m a fan of adding a lamp…

Best Interior Designer Spaces

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or two!

Interior Designer in Denver

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A Place to Set Items Down

Your guests will likely have something in their hands. The best guests come bearing gifts after all! At the very least they may have a handbag and a coat to remove. Give them a place to set these items down upon arrival. This can also double as a display place for your family treasures.

Boulder Interior Designer


Design Advice from Professional Designer


A Place to Sit

Not all foyers will be large enough to accommodate a place to sit. And in fact, the place to sit most often becomes just another place to set stuff down. However, if you live in a climate where weather may dictate a need to change or remove shoes, seating is a must.

A bench, small chair, stool… the forms are many, but the function is all that matters. A clever tick is to add the place to sit under the place to set things down.

Interior Decorating Tips from Pro


Something Interesting

This is your opportunity to tell visitors who you are and what you and your family are all about. Accessorize and really show your style! There are many options to add some personality.


Foyer Decorating Tips


Wallpaper or Bold Paint

Sophisticated Interior Design in Colorado

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Area Rug

Professional Interior Decorator


 More Grand Entries to Inspire

Because these spaces just got it right.

Glamorous Interior Design Boulder


Sophisticated Decor Solutions In Colorado

via Vogue

Creative Interior Design Solutions


Interior Designer Advice

via House of Turquoise

Want more Foyer Inspiration? Check out previous blog posts, or my idea book on Houzz or Pinterest

Style Trends: Textured Tiles

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Recently I’ve been working on several bathroom remodels and a few fireplace remodels/refacing as well. That has me shopping for tiles often. And in spending so much time in tile stores, the reps have been showing me the latest and greatest new things coming into their showrooms. One trend that I am seeing is more and more of is that of textured and 3D tiles. Luxury Interior Design


Textured tiles are hot and the varieties in shapes, patterns and colors grows every day. These tiles are created with new manufacturing techniques. As the technology continues to improve, the shapes that these tiles can take becomes virtually endless.

These 2 tiles are from Ann Sacks. The first is the Mousharabia collection designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with a definite historical/Moorish flair. This tile is glazed with a subtle blue over terra cotta. The second tile is the Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection. This tile is a more matte finish, adding to the visible texture. Both tiles really call out to be touched, don’t they?

Luxury Interior Design Products Interior Designer Denver Colorado

These tiles make a beautiful design statement. Even if bold colors or patterns are not for you, a textured tile in a neutral color can add a unique element to your room. The options in textured tiles now range almost as much as regular ol’ flat tiles: traditional to modern, contemporary or historical, an endless range of colors, and textures from glossy and glazed to honed to matte.

Textured and 3D tiles can be used to make a statement on one wall or create an accent in a room, or used en mass, covering the whole room or wall. Check out the beautiful rooms and designs below featuring textured tiles. This should get the inspiration flowing for you.

Modern Interior Design Boulder, CO via Porcelanosa

Modern Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado

via Porcelanosa

Kitchen Design in Colorado


Designer Tiles for Bathroom Design

via Ann Sacks Vincente Wolfe Textures Collection

Batheroom Designer Denver Colorado I just specified this tile below for a bathroom design in Denver. The texture is subtle, but spread over a wall like this makes a beautiful statement. Bathroom Design in Highlands Denver CO

via Capco Tile

Based on this display at the ICFF Design Show, the options in textured tiles may be unlimited and this trend may be around for a while. Interior Design Trends

via Design Milk