Problem Solving

Working with Beautiful Habitat will

  • save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and bad purchases
  • save you time by doing the legwork for you
  • create innovative and unique solutions to your specific problems, needs, and desires
  • spend time focusing on the details, which is the difference between a room that is OK and a room that makes you feel alive
  • help you make decisions with confidence based on our expertise, detailed specifications and drawings
  • make you aware of unique choices available and give you the confidence to try something new
  • make the most of what you already have
  • have access to products beyond the chain retail stores, and tried and tested contractors and craftspeople
  • provide you with access to an international selection of products and vendors
  • manage & coordinate the work, contractors, and stress of a design/remodel project

Good design solutions are not only beautiful, but solve problems and help our clients “live better” in their homes. It’s about transforming a structure into your home.

The design decisions you make will affect the way you live today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. Our focus is to create a pleasing habitat that meets the unique needs of your family with the intention of maintaining and increasing the long-term value of your home.

Beautiful Habitat provides innovative solutions combined with knowledge and support. Interior Design and remodeling can be an emotional journey. We work to make the process enjoyable and reduce your stress by communicating with contractors, guiding you through decisions, keeping the project on schedule, managing the details, and keeping you thoroughly informed.


Beautiful Habitat will work with your Investment Goals

A well designed space looks like you spent more money than you did; it is pulled together with thought and coherence, and comfortable for your family and lifestyle. This is your home and the design, good or bad, will live there with you for many years.

Even if you feel professional interior design or decorating is beyond your budget at this time, Beautiful Habitat will work with your investment goals to create a long term plan to increase functionality, beauty and value in your home. We’ll set short term and long term projects and budget solutions. In the end, you’ll save money, time and “mistakes”, while increasing enjoyment and value in your home.

{Tennille} helped us set a realistic budget and she held to it. She gave us a list of priorities and ideas for the future. We could not have been more pleased with the results” – Tara – Thornton, CO

I can handle your difficult project. I've climbed mountains!



I can handle your difficult project. I’ve climbed mountains!

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