Whether you’re planning a new master bedroom retreat or a fun child’s bedroom with a theme, these bedroom design photos are sure to inspire. Making the space custom to your personal taste and desires is key to creating the perfect nighttime retreat.

  • This master bedroom puts the bed at the center of attention without being overpowering. Fabrics kept in the same tones set a soft and classic ambiance, while cream drapes, in a similar color to the wall paint, dress the window that spans nearly the entire length of the room.

  • A chair placed near a window offers a place to relax and soak in the view, while a padded bench at the end of the bed is an ideal spot to put on shoes. The fireplace adds a romantic touch.

  • Artwork separated into two individual pieces creates more visual interest than in one. The custom bedding and herringbone fabric plays to the richness of the room’s design. Dual sconces and end tables frame the bed in a subtle and symmetrical way.

  • Bedding in luxurious textures and warm tones gives off a lavish feel in this master bedroom. It’s easy to mix and match styles as long as there’s symmetry in the design. Neutral tones are naturally soothing and an excellent choice for a master retreat. Sheer, taupe drapes in striking patterns help soften the space. The corner pendant light serves as a reading lamp.

  • A band of stripes adds excitement and appeal to a child’s bedroom without breaking the bank. This room utilizes a sports theme in corresponding red, brown and tan shades to keep the playfulness reigned in.

  • This well-designed multi-use space allows the guest bedroom to also act as an office and workout room. Clever, functional storage is not only a space saver, it’s also a lifesaver, allowing for one room to pack it all in. The desk folds down and behind it is a custom wall bed for maximum flexibility.

  • A soft color scheme in feminine hues sets a tone for relaxation in this master bedroom. Wall décor is kept simple with a wooden sunburst mirror and photo collage near the bed. A custom headboard creates a unified look while setting a soft backdrop for the matching custom bedding.

  • Artwork in a similar palette harmonizes the room. Bedspread fabric need not be limited to the bed! Using the same pattern in other areas of the room, such as the window treatments, helps pull the room together. Additional patterns with related colors prevent the design from becoming too repetitive.