The best way to make your house truly your home is to include unique design elements that suit your family, your lifestyle and your personal design aesthetic. Custom-designed furnishings will be beautiful as well as functional, creating smart storage solutions for your busy life.

  • With a custom media center that includes built-in storage, the family room is sure to stay tidy. Dressed up shelves and drawers provide an Asian aesthetic, while red birch creates continuity between the living room and the kitchen, which features cabinetry in the same wood species.

  • This dining space doubles as a small office. Built-ins keep office essentials organized and behind closed doors. Brown tones of the wood floor are enhanced by the tan, textured storage baskets, which make them fun to show off when the closet is used as a desk.

  • A well-designed multi-use space allows a guest bedroom to also act as an office and workout room. Clever, functional storage is not only a space saver, it’s also a lifesaver, allowing for one room to pack it all in. The desk folds down and behind it is a custom wall bed for maximum flexibility.