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Love it or Leave it | One Pattern Everywhere?

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Some argue that using one pattern on multiple surfaces in a room creates an optical illusion of spaciousness. But I want to know, would you Love it or Leave it? Do you have a tiny room? Would you try this to create spaciousness?

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What are your thoughts: Love it or Leave it?

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Ceilings Need Love Too| Tips for the Least Decorated Surface

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I’ve said it before: ceilings are the most neglected surfaces in any room and in the realm of Interior Design and Decorating. Think about it – have you ever painted a ceiling? If so, did you paint it anything other than white? Hove you ever even thought about your ceilings from a decorative aspect? You should – and I’m going to help you! There are several benefits to treating your ceiling in part of your interior design plan. If you’ve got a shorter room or low ceilings, adding ceiling interest can draw the eye up and make the room feel taller. (Find an example in this post: Designer Tips: Using Bold Wall Color). Conversely, if you’ve got a very high ceiling, a darker paint or more dramatic treatment can help to bring the ceiling down and add a cozier feeling to the space. And simply by adding interest to your ceilings,¬† you just add something special and unique to your rooms and your home.

Painted ceilings

I’ve blogged before about the most simple ceiling treatment: a coat of paint that is anything but white: Painted Ceilings

Here are some additional inspiring paint options.

Interior Design Boulder Colorado

Interior Decorator Denver Colorado

Papered Ceilings

Wallpaper and metal leafing are great options for adding interest and texture to ceilings.

Home Decorating Boulder ColoradoCustomized Interiors Denver Colorado


Special Treatments

Whether with paint, paper, other materials, or a combination, here’s where we get really creative with ceilings. I’m so inspired!

Contemporary Interior Design in Colorado

Bathroom Design Boulder ColoradoUnique Design and Decor Boulder ColoradoNursery and childrens decorating in ColoradoInterior Decorating Denver Colorado

And, my personal favorite of this particular collection, with both coffers and a special design treatment:

Interior Designer Denver Colorado

If you’d like to see even more of these great ceilings, or to get additional information on those ceilings featured here, check out my Pinterest board appropriately titled Ceilings Need Love Too.

If you’d like advice on where to start with your own ceiling project, read these previous posts with Interior Design Tips: To Paint or Not to Paint… The Ceiling. Before & After: Choosing Wall Color, Designer Tips: Using Bold Wall Color.

And if you do add some interest to your own ceiling, please do share it with us! You can email me directly, share here, or share on Facebook!

Happy Colors | Pink

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Yes, we are still having fun with Happy Colors here at Beautiful Habitat! The Facebook survey revealed the mother of happy colors Рpink. Yes, pink was voted most often as the color that just makes you feel happy. This post features several beautifully designed  and decorated pink spaces to inspire you to incorporate your happy color into your interiors and your everyday!

That’s a whole lotta pink…

Here is a fine collection of spaces that go all out with pink – walls, floors, furniture and more. Do you find your inspiration here?

Luxury Interior Design in Denver ColoradoJonathan Adler

Hotel Inspired Bedroom Design in Denver ColoradoAnd how about Pink Hotel Rooms? This one is the May Fair Hotel in London.

Custom Kitchen Design Boulder ColoradoPink Kitchen! Could you do it? via Kitchen Clarity

Bathroom Design in Boulder ColoradoI can hardly feature a pink kitchen without a pink bath. This is a modern update from the pink bathrooms of the early 1990’s. Mauve toilets are not a good way to do pink bathrooms… ever.¬† via Grant K Gibson Interior Design

Luxe Bedroom Design Denver ColoradoI vote Designer Betsey Johnson as the queen of pink. Check out her home!

A little less pink, please

These well-decorated spaces have incorporated a little less pink, but still pack in the glamor and fun that pink provides.

Interior Decorator Denver ColoradoIf you’ve visited the Beautiful Habitat blog before, you know that I have a love of painted and papered ceilings. This room is certainly unique with pink ceiling and moldings to accompany white walls. Quite an interior design statement! via Apartment Therapy

Interior Decorator Boulder ColoradoHere is a great example of punching up a neautral room with color. Adding just a pink rug and pink pouf to an all-white bedroom makes an interesting and fun design. via Ohdeedoh

Interior Decorating Boulder ColoradoFollowing the white and pink room is a similar concept of adding pink to gray. This is a beautiful and feminine bedroom design! via Country Living

Outdoor Decorating Boulder ColoradoWhy confine your happiness to the indoors? Take your decor, and pink, to the great outdoors. via House Beautiful

Interior Decorating Denver ColoradoIf you’re not ready to commit to pink, or it doesn’t work with other selections that you’ve made for your home, you can always get a shot of happiness from some fresh pink flowers.

Let’s go all the way!

Holiday Decorating Denver ColoradoIf you truly love pink and want to go well outside of the box, how about a pink Christmas? This room, via Toby Fairly, is not just a pink holiday, but on top of a very bold interior decorating plan of pink, pink, pink.

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Is your happy color missing? Drop me a line about the color you turn to to brighten your day, wardrobe or interiors, and I’ll be happy to include it!