Want to know more about working with an interior designer and the process? Get answers to questions about interior design services from Beautiful Habitat.

How do I work with Beautiful Habitat?

We start with a phone conversation to gather initial information and determine if Beautiful Habitat may be able to meet your design needs. If we both agree to move forward, we will have a “meet & greet” meeting. The goal of this meeting is more about the relationship, not design solutions. We will discuss your wants, needs, wish list, goals and budget. But we spend a lot more time determining how we will work together. If we both agree that it is a good fit, Beautiful Habitat will present a proposal for the design work.

Once a contract is signed, work begins. Depending upon the scope of work, we will lay out specific timelines, steps, and expectations.

How can I prepare for our meeting?

Before the meeting, have an open dialog between household partners. Discuss the scope of work, priorities and goals and ensure there is agreement on the points that are important to each partner. Make a list to discuss with us to ensure nothing is forgotten in the excitement of the moment during our meeting.

It’s not essential, but capturing visuals of rooms, design elements, colors, or pieces that you like or are drawn to is really helpful. Pinterest and Houzz are both great tools for capturing ideas for your project. You can also pull ideas from magazines and books. Sharing these with us in advance of, or during the meeting is beneficial.

Have a discussion about budget and know what you are willing to invest in the project. Ensure you are both in agreement on that amount. Most marriages have a spender and a saver, so it is very important to have this discussion prior to our initial meeting.

How do I determine a budget?

We have some hard news for you: the budget is not what you hope it will cost. The budget is what you actually have to invest in your project.  You have a certain amount that you are willing and able to invest in your home. It is our job to take that specific amount of funds and best allocate them to fulfill your needs. At the end of the day, things cost what they cost. We maximize that amount based on your specific scope of work and priorities.

To help set you investment amount, it is best to prepare by writing a list of your top priorities. Separate items as needs, wants, and nice to have.

What services do you provide?

We can work with you in different ways, from consultancy to concierge level service.  We typically classify projects as Remodel/New construction or Interior Furnishings & Décor and many plans encompass both.

We provide 3 levels of Service: Full Service, Design-Only or Consultation.

Remodeling: Remodeling projects involve construction; Kitchen or Bathroom design through to additions and full home remodels or new construction. We create the detailed plans for the products and finishes that will be installed into your home: flooring, cabinetry, plumbing and smart lighting plans. We work with the necessary team including architect, engineers, and contractors to create the full remodel and construction plans.

Interior Furnishings and Decor: Selecting furniture, fabrics, window treatments, colors, art & accessories, even flooring and wall treatments. We pull together a comprehensive plan and work with the appropriate craftsmen to bring it to life.

Most projects are full service design, meaning we create a comprehensive design plan and follow through the implementation of the plan. For design-only, we create a comprehensive design plan and our clients handle the purchasing and working with the contractors and installers.

In addition, we offer Color and Design Consultation; design advice, tips and color analysis for the adventurous Do-It-Yourselfer or for smaller projects. We arm you with the information and direction and you execute the project on your own.

See our Services and Process pages for more information.

Why should I hire Beautiful Habitat?

When you purchase interior design services, you are purchasing the expertise that comes from education, years of experience, and natural abilities. In many ways, you are purchasing peace of mind. We save you time, money and headaches while brining your dream home to life.

Working with Beautiful Habitat will

  • Save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and bad purchases
  • Save you time by doing the legwork for you, and accessing our knowledge and resources
  • Create innovative and unique solutions to your specific problems, needs, and desires
  • Spend time focusing on the details, which is the difference between a room that is OK and a room that is stunning
  • Help you make decisions with confidence based on our expertise, detailed specifications and drawings
  • Make you aware of unique choices available and give you the confidence to try something new
  • Make the most of what you already have
  • Have access to products beyond the chain retail stores, and tried and tested contractors and craftspeople
  • Provide you with access to an international selection of products and vendors
  • communicate the design vision and expectations with contractors, installers, vendors and craftspeople to ensure the construction and implementation go smoothly and with less stress

In addition, Tennille Wood provides a unique edge to Colorado clients. Her International education has given her a broader approach to design solutions, along with a pool of European products and vendors.

Who else is on your team?

Tennille Wood is the Principal Interior Designer at Beautiful Habitat and she is supported by Jennifer Ognibene, Associate Designer, and with help in administration, accounting and expediting. The Beautiful Habitat team is rounded out by some of the region’s top contractors, installers, craftspeople, drapery workers, cabinetry makers, and other specialists. We also have a strong relationship with showrooms and manufacturer representatives who help us to get the best service on products that are ordered.

How do you communicate your design ideas to help me understand them?

Beautiful Habitat uses different drawing programs based on the specific needs of the project. Drawings may be done in Sketchup, Minutes Matter or 20-20 Designs. Sketchup is a 3D program and preferred for remodeling projects, including kitchen or bath designs, space planning and furniture layout. Minutes Matter is the best program for designing window treatments and furniture pieces or arranging artwork groupings.

Sample of a Sketchup drawing for a fireplace remodel with built-ins.

Sample of a Minutes Matter drawing for custom window treatments.

Beautiful Habitat uses a program called Studio Webware to manage and communicate design projects. Clients have access to a “Client Portal”. All products and project drawings are loaded to the portal, where clients can access them anytime, add comments, “like” or “dislike” choices, view the budget, see all proposals and invoices, as well as pay invoices online. In addition, Beautiful Habitat creates a client binder which allows clients to keep hard copies of all drawings, product spec sheets and samples of fabrics, paint chips and other finishes. This is a tactile business and it’s important to touch and see the actual samples. The binders are also great for contractor meetings and confirmation of details at job sites.

When there are problems on the job, how do you resolve them?

After nearly a decade in the industry, we know that every job faces an unexpected challenge along the way. We’ve developed systems to handle some of the more common problems. This knowledge and experience helps us prepare to handle the other problems as they arise.

Tennille Wood is easy-going by nature, which helps in the management of design project issues. “If I don’t panic, it helps you not to panic.” In addition she says “When a problem is brought to me, I will produce at least 1 solution before presenting the problem to you. You’ve hired us to manage this project so you can focus on the things you enjoy. We’ll ensure that problems are handled with minimal disruption to you.”

How will you manage my budget?

Before we begin work, we ask a lot of questions about your investment amount. Not only the specific dollar amount you have to invest, but also your comfort levels within that amount. For example, if you have $35,000 to invest, are you comfortable with spending $10,000 on one piece? Would it make you nervous to have a piece that expensive? We discuss several of these comfort levels before any work begins.

Beautiful Habitat uses a program called Studio Webware to manage and communicate design projects. Studio Webware includes budgeting tools allowing us to allocate budget amounts to the total project and each individual piece within a project. Our clients can access and track this budget through their Client Portal at any time. If you choose to splurge on one piece, we will discuss adjustments to other pieces to bring the budget back in line.

How long will my project take? What are the timelines?

We like to say the relationship between Beautiful Habitat and our clients is a marriage, not a date. We are going to be working together for a while and we’ll get to know quite a bit about each other.

In general, remodeling projects can take six months or longer to complete, while a decorating project will take closer to 3-4 months. The duration of the project is not set in stone and hinges on many factors. If you make decisions quickly, if you are available and responsive, the project will be completed sooner. If you need a little bit more time to mull things over or have limited availability, it could increase the time necessary to complete the project.

It is best to contact us as early as possible to discuss your potential project.

What do you wish clients knew about Interior Design?

I often hear clients say they are looking for a designer that “matches their style”, meaning they look at portfolios and choose designers that have rooms with a “look” that the client wants. What I’d like them to know is that a good designer can design in any style. What is more important is choosing a designer based on a good personality fit and comfort level. This is a long term relationship and you want to ensure you can work well together.

What are your payment terms?

Beautiful Habitat accepts cash, check , credit cards or paypal payments. Each project requires an initial deposit to begin work.

How long have you been in business?

Beautiful Habitat has been in business for over 10 amazing years and we look forward to 10 more!

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