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Our Interior Design Process

Let’s walk through our design process.

There are 10 milestones, and regardless of the project’s size or scope, we always follow the same process. We believe this process ensures that your experience of working with Beautiful Habitat is as wonderful as the home we design for you.

“Only 10 Milestones, Tennille? That sounds amazing! Tell me more.”

(Well, since you asked…)

#1 Project Launch

We’re getting to know you. And your home. That means we’ll meet, talk and collaborate.  Why all the meeting, talking and collaborating? To clarify the scope of your project and the direction of your design. We want to understand you, learn about what’s important to you and how to make your space blend perfectly with your lifestyle.


#2 Design Concept

Now that we know you (and understand you), we can design for you. That’s what this phase is about. This is where we’re putting together the big vision. We’re discussing structure. (“Does this kitchen need an island, or are we thinking a peninsula?”)

We’re looking at furniture concepts. (“Does this room need two sofas, or a sectional?”).  And we’ll be recommending your color palette and materials. We’re defining, not refining.


#3 Design Concept, Presentation and Approval

Yay! It’s time for your design presentation. And truthfully, we’re probably as excited as you are at this point because we love showing the direction we’ve taken for your project. You get to discover the design by seeing our drawings, touching all the materials, and experiencing your home, room by room, in our 3D walk-through. When we get your feedback, and have your approval, we move on. 


#4 Design Development

Remember up above when we were “defining, not refining.”  Well, guess what? That all changes here. Now we’re refining your design… clarifying all the details, developing all the structural elements, finalizing the floor plans and construction documents, and confirming your gorgeous countertops, exquisite fabrics, and all that fabulous furniture.


#5 Hard and Soft Goods Approvals

What you call flooring, built-ins and countertops, we call “hard goods.”  And what you call the non-permanent things you bring into your house (like that walnut dining table you adore, or the graphic window treatment that we do!), we call “soft goods.”  This phase ends with big news: approval of every detail of your project. And we just keep on moving forward.


#6 Purchasing and Expediting

Approval obtained, deposits received, which means that now orders are placed.  And in between the handling of all your orders, the tracking of all your goods, the warehousing of all your furnishings, and the actual installing of your gorgeous home, you don’t have to do a thing. You don’t have to worry about it, and actually, you don’t even have to think about it. We’ve got it handled.


#7 Structural Build or Renovation

Get ready because your design’s about to start taking shape!  Construction is beginning so expect a lot of activity with everyone playing their part in creating your home. Your space and property will be protected—noise, dust, and messes are kept to a minimum. You’ll be hearing from us regularly on your home’s progress as we’re working closely with all parties, making sure the construction is running smoothly, and the outcome looks just like what we’ve designed.


#8 Hard Goods Installation Coordination

Flooring, plus cabinets, plus wall covering, plus tile and surfaces equal… your vision coming to life. It’s all being put into place and we’re coordinating every detail with all important players: general contractor and sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers, always keeping you informed on the status of your home.


#9 Soft Goods Installation

Here comes the fun part! While your hard goods are being installed (see above), your soft goods are being received. More than that, they’re also being inspected, and if they’re not exactly as they should be, they’ve been returned and replaced. Excitement is building… definitely on our end, and most likely on yours, because we’re heading into what you’ve been waiting for: installation day!


#10 Installation Day: The Final Reveal and Finishing Touches

We made it. We’re here. The time has come. You walk into your home and see the reality of your vision—a beautiful and perfectly functional home designed solely for you. 

Your own beautiful habitat.

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